Mr. Paul Ausmus
    The taxonomy and biology of ants.  Manuscript in preparation:  "The Ants of Howard County, Texas".

Dr. Clark Beasley
    The biology of tardigrades.  Most recent publication: "A New Species of Echiniscus (Tardigrada, Echiniscidae) from Northern Yunnan Province, China", in Zoologischer Anzeiger.

Dr. Tom Benoit
    Bacterial ecology and applied microbiology.  The biology of Bacillus thuringiensis. Most recent publication (with Dr. Clark Beasley and student Stefanie Krantz):  "Phytopathogenic Bacteria Associated with Tardigrada", in Zoologischer Anzeiger.

Dr. Robert Martin
    The ecology, range, census, and distribution of the Texas kangaroo rat.  Most recent publication:  "Dipodomys elator Merriam 1894 - Texas Kangaroo Rat", in North American Rodents:  Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan.

Dr. Benjamin Pilcher
    The anatomy of cactus and succulents.  Most recent activity:  a survey of the flora of southern Taylor County, TX.

Dr. Gary Wilson
    The physiology and ecology of Bacillus thuringiensis spores.  Bioremediation, environmental and applied bacteriology.  Development of software for teaching bacteriology.  Most recent publication:  VirtualUnknown: MicrobiologyTM(a simulation for teaching identification of bacteria developed and marketed by Intuitive Systems, Inc., Plano Texas.