American Society for Microbiology
InteliHealth (clinical literature from NIH and medical publishers)
The Microbial Underground
Microbiology Network
Microbiology Journals
MMWR - Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Science Daily
The Scientist
TopicDoc (clinical literature from National Library of Medicine)
World Health Organization weekly Epidemiological Record

Other Links
Actinomyces-Streptomyces Internet Resource Center (ASIRC)
American Type Culture Collection
Antibiotic Resistance Information: Resistance Web
British Public Health Laboratory Service
Canadian Society of Microbiologists
CDC Epidemiology Program Office
Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Home Page
EPA Microbiology Homepage
FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies)
Food and Drug Administration
Foundation for Microbiology
GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Infectious Disease Weblink
Institute of Food Science & Technology
List of Bacterial Names with Standing Nomenclature
Microbial Ecology
National Center for Infectious Diseases
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
National Library of Medicine
Pasteur Institute
PROMED (Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases)
ResistanceWeb (antibiotic resistance)
Resources in Protistology: Online Databases
Saccharomyces Genomic Database and Arabidopsis thaliana Database
Society for General Microbiology
Society for Industrial Microbiology
Virology:  All the Virology Servers in the World
World Health Organization

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