Benjamin L. Pilcher, Ph.D.

    Earned degrees
        B.S. 1961 Texas Technological College
        M.S. 1963 Texas Technological College
        Ph.D. 1969 The University of New Mexico

    Assistantships and academic experience
        1961-1963 Graduate Research Assistant Texas Technological College
        Instructor, The University of Texas at Arlington
        Graduate Teaching Assistant The University of New Mexico
        1969-1972 Assistant Professor , McMurry University
        Chair of the Biology Department, McMurry University
        1972-1977 Associate Professor, McMurry University
        1975 Granted tenure
        1977-present Professor
        Director of the Honors Program, McMurry University

Employment outside academia

    Summers of 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967 Seasonal Park Ranger (Naturalist) at Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Faculty Development Activities
    June 19-July 28, 1972. "The Scientific, Economic, and Sociological Consequences of Nuclear Power" Atomic Energy Summer Faculty Training Institute. L.S.U. in New Orleans
    Oct. 1972 and March 1973. "Water Pollution" National Science Foundation Chautauqua-type Short Course for College Teachers. University of Texas
    June 4-July 27, 1973 "Food Production and the Ecosystem". National Science Foundation Summer Institute. Oklahoma State University
    October 1978 and March 1979 "Reproductive Biology of the Flowering Plants" National Science Foundation Chautauqua-type Short Course for College Teachers. Univ. of Texas
    April 1985 "The Cassandra Conference" Texas A & M University
    From 1986-1998 Attended three (3) national meetings of the National Collegiate Honors Council while serving as Director of the Honors program

Publications and manuscripts

    1962a Southwest Park Recreation Training Institute. S-Parks. April. Pp.3-4.
    1962b Determining Present and Future Needs. S-Parks. June pp.4-5.
    1963a M.S. Thesis The Development of a biologically oriented interpretive program in three Texas State Parks.
    1963b Botanists affiliated with government expeditions in the Southwest U.S. 1840-1865. (Manuscript in the Southwest Collection of Texas Tech University. 51p.
    1963c (coauthor) Texas State Parks--A general report of functions, space requirements, financial considerations and policies for the future. Report to the Texas State Legislature. 36pp.
    1964 Interpretative programs in state parks surveyed. Parks and Recreation. 2pp.
    Ph.D. dissertation: Vascularization in four species of Opuntia.
    Gernination of seeds of four species of Opuntia. Cactus and Succulent Journal. 42:6 pp281-282.
    Public health in the ecosystem. Texzs Public Health Association Journal. 26:1 p48ff. (5 pages)
    Growing cacti from seed. The Texas Horticulturist. 3:2 pp12-13  (Also published cover photograph)
    coauthor Abilene Energy Management Plan. City of Abilene. 151p.
    A Personal Diary of John Nelson Pilcher. Methodist History. Vol. XXIII, No.3. pp169-190
    1990 College/University. (poem) Mesquite Journal. Issue 2, p.35


    Wrote and received a grant for $92,212 as a subproject of an institutional grant from Title III, Higher Education. The purpose of the grant was to upgrade the Principles of Biology lab with technology and equipment.

Bibliographic Listings

    Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century, 2 Ed.
    International Biographical Centre
    Who's Who in the Southwest
    American Men and Women of Science

Professional Memberships

    American Association of University Professors
    Cactus and Succulent Society of America
    Sigma Xi
    Texas Academy of Science

Non-teaching activities at McMurry University

    1974-present. Maintenance and care of the University greenhouse
    1969-present Participation in faculty committees
    Sponsored Alpha Phi Omega
    Institutional Report: "A Report on the Collection, Retrieval and Use of Data by McMurry College"
    1982 Edited McMurry Faculty Handbook
    Served on three SACS self-study committees
    Served one term as chair of the Arts and Science Faculty
    Currently serving as vice-chair of the faculty
    Faculty representative to Board of Trustee meetings ( 5 years)
    Plan and supervise Principles of Biology laboratory
    Arts and Sciences Dean Selection Committee
    Planning Committee for the current Core Curriculum
    Alpha Phi Omega section 40 liaison to local chapter
    1999- Mentor for new faculty members

Teaching activities beyond the departmental curriculum

    Taught four different courses in January or May Term
    Team taught "Energy Stewardship" twice as part of the Honors Program
    Taught " Golden Age of Biology" (Honors hour in Biology)
    Team taught "Human Knowledge" for the first three semesters of the new Core Curriculum

Church activities

    Member, Westminster Presbyterian Church
    Served three terms as Elder on Session (1972-1999)
    Active on committees
    Representative to Buffalo Gap Trust (1999-2002)
    Commissioner to Presbytery meeting (1999)
    Served on Endowment Committee 3 years, 1 yr. As chair

Community activities

    Cofounder of West Texas Photographic Society
    President of local Texas Tech Exes chapter
    Member of the Citizens Energy Council, City of Abilene
    Member of middle school textbook committee, AISD
    1984- Cofounder of Wylie Bandbooster Parent Organization
    1985- Board member, Abilene Zoological Society
    Boy Scouts of America
        1980-1985 Committee member of Pack 260
        Committee member and chair Troop 260
        District Committee, Chisholm Trail Council
        Adult training- completed Wood Badge (advanced training)
        Served on training staffs for adult training 10 years (12 courses)
    Blood donor at Meek Blood Bank 2 gallons+
    1998- Member of work crew for Habitat for Humanity

Local memberships

    Abilene Zoological Society
    Center for Contemporary Arts
    Museums of Abilene

National Membership

    National Parks Association- life member


    Solo Photography Shows
        1993- Center for the Contemporary Arts
        1999- Gypsy Ted Gallery, McMurry University
    Group Shows: Work in three McMurry faculty art shows. (Curator and organizer for two)
    Several photographs published in popular magazines (1969-1985)