Travel Courses
    Biology routinely offers two travel courses. Biology in Mexico is a field course that is offered in the spring of even-numbered years.  Students attend classes weekly in preparation for the week-long field trip during spring break.  The Mexican component involves travel to tropical central Mexico where flora and fauna are vastly different from west Texas.  Students explore numerous wet and dry caves, some inhabited by colonies of bats.  Students who have taken this trip say it is a "can't miss" adventure for biology students.
    The second travel course is offered in the May Term of odd-numbered years.  Montane Biology takes students to the mountains of northern New Mexico for a week exploring the wildlife of the mountains.  Trails take students high into mountains still decked with snow.  Side trips to pueblos and national historic areas complete the adventure.

Undergraduate Research
    Students with an interest in research can work with professors on projects.  Much of our research work is designed to allow students to make significant contributions.  Work can focus on field studies or laboratory investigations.  For information on the research interests of faculty, click here.  McMurry biology students have done research resulting in a number of presentations at regional, national, and international meetings, and a number of publications in respected journals.

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society
    The Pi Beta Chapter of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society provides opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of biology and participate in special programs related to the life sciences. See Dr. Tom Benoit, sponsor, for information concerning requirements for membership.

American Medical Student Association
    The American Medical Student Association has a student chapter at McMurry.  The organization is open to students interested in the health professions and allied health professions.  AMSA works with Hendrick Medical Center to coordinate an extensive program throughout the year, including opportunities to shadow doctors, attend medically-related programs with special speakers sponsored by HMC, and participate in internship programs.