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    What is environmental science? It is the study of the earth, especially things like water, air, soil, and natural hazards that have a big influence on the lives of people. It also deals with how people affect the natural environment.

When students major in Environmental Science they get a broad education in this field from courses like Resources and Environment and Contemporary Issues in Environmental Science.

In addition, they are required to minor in a designated field. This improves their chances after graduation of getting into a specific area of interest that they may have. Some examples follow:


Specific area of interest for a student Suggested minor
air/water quality Chemistry
finding/using water resources Geosciences
impact of the environment on living things Biology
environmental policy Political Science
environmental engineering Mathematics
working with environmental action groups Communication
dealing with environmental problems in industry Business Administration


Do you want to contact us?

To contact the Chairman of the department,

Dr. Richard Schofield, click here

or by telephone call (325) 793-3873 :

What major and minor programs are offered by our department?

1. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

2. The Bachelor of Science in Natural Science

3. The Minor Program in Geosciences

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Our faculty. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of our two major programs, Environmental Science and Natural Science, our faculty itself is interdisciplinary and all are members of two or more departments or programs. Do you want a list of our faculty or to contact any of them. Then click here.

What do our graduates do after they leave McMurry?

-professional employment

-graduate school

-sometimes other activities.

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A key part of our program is to go into the field and see things firsthand! We take field trips to different localities in the state. Do you want more information on these trips? Click here.


A key part of our program for Environmental Science majors are internships! If you want to learn more about these then click here.




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