What are the majors/minors offered by the Department of Environmental Science?

B.S. in Environmental Science - this major prepares students to understand the complex field of environmental science which impacts many areas of our society. Consequently, students take courses in diverse fields such as biology, chemistry, the geosciences, business, math, political science and communications. They finish the program with a good broad education.

B.S. in Natural Science - this major helps students understand the various natural sciences including biology, chemistry, the geosciences,  and physics. They also get a good background in math. This prepares them for further study is a variety of interdisciplinary areas like oceanography and  various fields in medicine.


Minor in Geosciences - this minor is designed to give students a basic but broad overview of the earth, its materials and processes.


Please see the McMurry online catalog to get detailed information on the above programs. This should be found at the main McMurry web site.