The History Major

Students who wish to receive the B.A. degree with a major concentration in History must present a minimum of thirty-six semester hours. Among those thirty-six hours must be included History 1310 and 1320 (World Civilization), 2310 and 2320 (United States), 3377 (Historiography and Methods), 4380 (Senior Reserch Seminar), six semester hours of advanced United States history courses, six hours of advanced world history courses, and six hours of advanced courses in either United States or world history.

Students seeking the B.A. degree with a major in history must complete the second year of a foreign language or demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to completion of the second year of that language.

Minor in History

To take history as a minor on the B.A. degree, students must earn a minimum of eighteen semester hours, including History 1310, 1320, 2310, 2320, and six advanced hours.

Honors in History

History Department Honors Program is designed for students who are unusually competent or show exceptional promise in history.

Requirements for admission to Departmental Honors in History:

The Honors Program in History includes the following components, all of which the student must complete in order to graduate with honors in history: The Senior Thesis involves an independent research project which might involve work in libraries at other colleges and universities.  Depending on the topic, the student may be required to utilize interviews, materials in a language other than English, computer generated and analyzed data, etc.  Senior Thesis projects are related to topics which are within the research interest and experience of the history department faculty.

Honors Courses in History (4X96*, 4X97*) may be applied toward the semester hour requirements for major, minor, or teaching field in history.

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