McMurry Physics Students 
Attend Conference

(Click for photo of the speakers.)

Prof: J. Christensen

Karen Brown, Ryan Henderson, Steve Slampa, and Carlton Thomas
Four students and one professor made the arduous journey southwards towards Waco, Texas.  The road was long but the seats were comfy.  We passed the time by reworking an exam on which everybody had done a fair job.  Through the discussion, understanding shone in the eyes of all.  ...and God said, "Let there be Gauss' Law." and it came to pass that Gauss' Law was understood. And He said, "It is Good."...  So it came to pass that this shall not be Cole Slaw, but rather Gauss' Law; and Lo! thou shalt know the charge inside a Gaussian surface by only knowing the integral of the electric field across the enclosing surface.

Throughout the conference, Steve and Ryan focused and attended the speakers' every word and came to the way of Knowledge and Understanding..."Hmmm..." They said, "I see."

The others, however, could only look on in wonder, nodding thoughtfully.    "Ahhh!"  They said (well, except for Carlton, who said "mmmm" as he finished the last of the sugar cookies).
So, after several interesting talks relating to Dirac, the man, and Dirac, the theory, and some even more interesting questions, Dr. Christensen was surprised by the man who smiled (in the second photo).
During a break, everybody went downstairs to work on homework from their Differential Equations class.   Hard at work, Karen finds the old "Osmosis Technique" advantages in her pursuit of enlightenment.  After an hour, the three busy beavers fall dead asleep with their pens in hand!
After the break, to our delight, some of the students were invited to contribute to the talks.  Carlton went first and was deciding on the fly whether to explain Einstein's Special Relativity or his General Relativity.  He finally decided on General Relativity and Ryan chose to discuss Quantum Field Theory and how the divergences in the theory imply that a more general theory must be developed.
Unfortunately, the crowd got a little unruly and Ryan had to shout down some of the more excitable members of the audience.  Dr. Christensen quickly jumped to his defense by chuckling pleasantly until the man sat back down.

The conference ended without incident (...well except for the giggling...) and all five participants lived to tell the tale.  At the close of the conference, the organizers asked for a photo of those who became known as "The McMurry Contingent."

Left to right: Ryan, Steve, Carlton, Karen, and Dr. Christensen