The mission of the MCMOST is to provide McMurry’s students the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and then use that knowledge to serve communities in need, both nationally and internationally, through participation in a research project that would offer solutions to and support for technological needs identified by that community.

     Through the use of science and math, MCMOST will

  1. Sponsor an annual research project in which students devise a solution to a community need.
  2. Foster the development of leadership skills of participants in center activities.
  3. Promote the exercise of virtues in human relationships.
  4. Encourage excellence in the implementation of all center activities.
  5. Connect students to a host community in a way that builds the capacity for self growth in both parties.

     Every year, MCMOST aims to offer at least one LEV (Leadership, Excellence, and Virtue) course at McMurry University that will offer students hand-ons experience. Students participating in the MCMOST LEV will:

  1. Learn scientific principles and skills which are needed to understand the research project.
  2. Apply knowledge from multiple academic disciplines to construct a solution to the problem.
  3. Work effectively as part of a research team.
  4. Explore the cultural and practical elements of leadership in the context of the research problem.
  5. Exercise leadership in interactions with peers and the host community.
  6. Demonstrate excellence in the research effort and in the quality of their chosen solution.
  7. Explore the virtues commonly associated with STEM research and with community service.
  8. Demonstrate virtuous behavior in the implementation of the project solution.
  9. Reflect critically on their role in the research project and on the intellectual and spiritual growth that they have experienced.
  10. Gain a greater appreciation for the interdependence of various communities.
     For more information about MCMOST, please contact Dr. Cindy Martin.