In the Spring of 2009, Drs. Keith, Martin, and Veltkamp joined together to offer a science-oriented LEV course. The goal of the course was to provide students with the opportunity to perform a community outreach/service project that involved the use of science and math. Students Michael Herriage, James Freiheit, and Sheryhar Khan, decided that an appropriate outreach program would be helping students at Clyde High School prepare for the science TAKs test. In order to prepare for the TAKs test, they first had to figure out what information and material would be covered on the test. After obtaining this information, they then developed a lesson plan that involved creating, developing, and launching model rockets as a way to learn fundamental physics principles.

     After the class was over, they put together a manual including lesson plans, worksheets, and other materials used in the rocketry class. This manual can be found below. A PowerPoint poster was also created detailing the work that Michael, Austin, James, and Sheryhar did.