Coming for Spring 2012, MCMOST will offer the course “Leadership in Science and Mathematics”, SCI 2310. This year’s service project is “Energy Audit”. This course is open to all students who have completed the general education requirements in math and science. Students participating in the course will have the opportunity to

  • m Find and select a local nonprofit organization that needs help.
  • m Determine how to best evaluate the efficiency of the selected organization’s current energy use.
  • m Build a mathematical model of the organization’s energy use.
  • Suggest ways to improve energy use and cut energy costs.
  • m Gain real-world hands-on experience while learning the best ways to be “green”.
  • Represent McMurry University while helping the greater Abilene community.

     This course will fulfill the LEV General Education requirements for McMurry Univeristy students.

     For more information about LEV 2310, “Energy Audit,” contact Dr. Wayne Keith or Dr. Mark Thornburg.