McMurry Physics Students 
Build a Trebuchet
(work in progress)

Oversight Prof: Bykov, Christensen, Harvey
Photographer: J. Christensen
Webpage article: J. Christensen

Students (not all pictured, contributed to varying degrees):
Originally: Tim Rackler, Carleton Thomas, David Bailey
Eventually: Chris Cumby, Adam Davidson, John Garza,
Chad Mikulec, Julianna Meadows, Aaron Ramos
Abiline, TX (Spring 2006) -- During the '01-'02 year, the SPS group wanted to design and build a catapult. Tim Rackler was the drving force behind the project. We required them to start with a small-scale kit, with the plan to expand it later. They attatched it to a stool, cocked it, and shot it. It shot about 40 yards, depending on what we shot. The big version never materialized.

(Tim Shoots the catapult.)

(Strapped to a stool, we find the range.)

(Carleton Thomas and David Bailey cock the catapult for firing.)

(Carleton Thomas fires the catapult.)

Although this catapult never became a full-scale siege weapon, the department used the model to discuss some of the physics principles involved to those bright young incoming students over the next couple of years. Then during the Fall of '05, a very different SPS group composed of students who were freshmen in 2002, decided that it was time to build the big one. Money was raised from MSG (McMurry Student Government) and the supplies were (mostly) purchased. The Physics Workshop (room 137) was cleaned and the project begun! ... This is their saga...