The Mission of the Department of Religion and Philosophy is to administer programs in
the academic fields of Religion and Philosophy and to cooperate with other academic
departments in furthering the pursuit of Christian liberal arts education on our campus.
The Department maintains a Wesleyan commitment to unite intellectual achievement and
vital piety in ways that foster both academic excellence and mature Christian discipleship.
The Department intends for the program in Religion to serve the mission of McMurry
University by accomplishing the following goals:

  1. Introduce all McMurry students to the academic study of Religion through general
    education courses such as Old Testament survey, New Testament survey, and Introduction
    to Christianity;
  2. Offer advanced courses in Scripture, Christian theology and ethics, the history of
    Christianity, and other fields which prepare Religion majors and minors for graduate
    school and/or seminary, and provide students majoring in other fields the opportunity
    to supplement their studies through advanced work in Religion;
  3. Offer a limited number of courses which introduce pre-ministerial students to the
    theory and practice of ministry in the United Methodist Church;
  4. Provide Religion students with opportunities for independent research through the
    Religion departmental honors program;
  5. Provide opportunities for McMurry students to participate in study abroad programs
    in Religion.

The goals of the McMurry University Philosophy program are:

  1. To prepare students majoring or minoring in philosophy to levels of competence
    that will allow personal satisfaction and, for those choosing to do graduate work in
    philosophy, acceptance and success in graduate programs of their choice.
  2. To enable students taking philosophy courses to satisfy general education or
    elective requirements to gain adequate skills of analytical thinking and literacy in
    philosophical traditions, especially as related to personal and academic interests
    and to the reponsibilities of informed citizenship.
  3. To assist and encourage every department or program of the university to
    implement the overall goals of church-related higher education, especially in
    relation to the university core, general education requirements, and interdisciplinary
    programs and courses.




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