McMurry Sociology Department
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Program Features
Dr. Robert W. Wallace, Professor and Chair
Dr. Jacqueline C. Simpson, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jerry Hollingsworth, Assistant Professor  

The Department of Sociology is oriented toward preparing students to: (1) understand the structure and issues of contemporary society, (2) discover that the individual both reacts to as well as creates the social world, (3) use sociological concepts, insights, and methods in a systematic fashion, (4) experience a discipline which has practical significance, (5) continue graduate training in sociology, and (6) find employment in various social service fields.

Students completing the major in Sociology receive the Bachelor of Arts degree and must fulfill all the requirements for that degree as outlined in the current catalog. In terms of departmental demands, the Sociology major must complete 30 semester hours, 24 of which must be advanced. Sociology 2300 (Introduction to Sociology), 2350 (Contemporary Social Problems), 3300 (Social Research Methods), 3310 (Social Theory), 4300 (Field Experience in Sociology), 4392 (Seminar in Sociology), and one of the following: 3382 (Mental Health), 3385 (Gerontology), 3390 (Criminal Justice System), 3392 (Social Welfare) are required of all majors.

A minor in Sociology consists of 18 hours, 12 of which must be advanced. Mathematics 3351 (Statistics) may be counted toward the Sociology minor or major after approval is obtained from the Sociology Department Chairperson.