Part II: Vesalius and the Study of the Human Form

A century later, art and anatomy combined dramatically in the work of Andreas Vesalius,

the Flemish physician whose major work "On the Structure of the Human Body", was illustrated by one of Titian's students. The illustrations provide a graphic, detailed record of the musculature and skeletal framework of the human body, and literally seem to pare away layer upon layer of of muscle to reveal the hidden structure underneath.

The first artist to perform actual dissections to improve his anatomical knowledge, may well have been Antonio Pollaiuolo. His painting of the "Martyrdom of St. Sebastian,"

his last work completed in 1475, is a tribute to his virtuousity.

The forced unnatural positions of the archers in particular seem all to cleverly planned -- so that Pollaiuolo could demonstrate his skill at depicting anatomical reality.

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