FAQ's by Students:

  1. I am a second semester sophomore and have no idea what major to choose. Other than panicking, what should I do?

  2. First of all don't panic - you are not alone in your confusion. Many students struggle with selection of a specific major. To help you sort through this decision making, you should visit with your advisor and other members of the McMurry faculty/staff that know you well. In addition, schedule an appointment with Counseling and Career Services.  A professional career advisor can administer a survey to help analyze your strengths and interests. The counselor can then discuss a variety of options suited to your abilities. Career and Counseling Services specializes in working with "undecided" students. Call 793-4880 to make an appointment or stop in at their office located in Old Main Rm. 102.

  3. How can I find out about clubs and organizations on campus?

  4. Contact the Student Activities Office at 793-4801 to receive information about all the McMurry University organizations. The Student Activities office is located in the Campus Center.

  5. How can I get information about a career-related internship?

  6. Numerous internships are available through the Counseling and Career Services located in

    Old Main Rm. 102.

  7. Can I receive any additional financial aid once the school year has started?

  8. If your family's financial situation has changed during the year, you may be eligible for additional financial aid. To find out if you qualify, contact the Financial Aid Office at 793-4713.

  9. Can I qualify for an academic scholarship as a sophomore, junior or senior?

  10. Possibly. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information on scholarships awarded.

  11. I need to withdraw from the University during the semester. What should I do?

  12. If it is necessary for you to withdraw from the University during the semester, you must meet with Sandy Patterson, Coordinator of Student Retention (793-3811) to complete the necessary paperwork.

  13. I came to McMurry for pre-med but my GPA is not high enough to get into professional school. I like the health sciences but don't know what options exist for me. How can I find out?

  14. You will need to contact the Director of Academic Advising, Melanie Long, 793-3813 to discuss options available.  Also, Counseling and Career Services is a great place to go if you are "undecided".

  15. How can I arrange for a tutor?

  16. Tutors are available through the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC). To find out  which departments provide tutoring services visit the AEC website.

  17. I am not doing well in a class and don't know what to do.

  18. First of all, it is essential that you meet in person and privately with your professor immediately. Arrange for a meeting in the professor's office. At this time, you can review what is giving you difficulty. Discuss your note taking and test preparation methods. Inquire about tutoring possibilities.  Determine if it is possible for you to succeed in the class or if you should consider dropping the class. If you plan to stay in the class, be sure that you attend all of the class sessions. If you decide to drop the class, be aware of the published deadline for giving a grade of "W". To drop a class, complete the proper paperwork in the Dean's office.