(Students Taking A Risk for Success)

STARS is a student success project designed to help students succeed, especially students who have been identified as at-risk.  The project offers services that will enable students to improve their grades, assist them in choosing a career, teach them to juggle classes and other responsibilities, and help prepare them for life after college.

Mission Statement:
STARS  is a student retention/success based project, responding to the needs of McMurry University students.  It promotes academic and personal development leading to improvements in the students’ quality of life.

To accomplish this mission, the project offers a course designed to assist students in the acquisition of skills and attitudes necessary for success in the university setting, and provides intrusive and comprehensive counseling, academic advising and mentoring.  In addition, extensive student support services, workshops, and a variety of activities are offered.

Program Objectives:
The objectives of the program are to: 1. improve students’ overall attitude regarding their academic career;
2. improve students’ grade point average (GPA);
3. provide students with the support mechanism to enhance their academic and personal development; and
4. provide students with the required assistance and support they need to achieve  their academic objectives and goals.
      The STARS program is designed to improve the academic performance of students who have been placed on academic probation at McMurry University.  Students who are placed on academic probation following an appeal of academic suspension are required to meet with the director of student retention before re-admission to the university.

The STARS program is designed for students on academic probation and is intended to provide support and encouragement that will lead to improved retention, academic achievement and success.

    Students on academic suspension have the option of not returning the following semester or appealing the suspension.  If students choose to appeal their suspension status, they must first meet with the student appeals committee where they are required to submit a written explanation detailing why they were placed on suspension.  Students whose appeals are approved are then placed on academic probation and required to meet with the director of student retention.  All other students placed or continued on academic probation must also meet with the director of student retention prior to the start of the following semester.

    A review of the student's academic transcript is conducted and a recommendation is made based on the following: student's major, work schedule, course grades (D and F grades on the degree plan are required REPEATS - exceptions can be made based on extenuating circumstances), and discussions with the director of student retention and, for students who have appealed academic suspension, the student appeals committee.

Students in the STARS program are required to:

 These activities are monitored and a quarterly plan is made with the students detailing their performance and suggestions for further improvements, etc.  If a student chooses not to adhere to the guidelines, he or she is subject to being  dropped from the program and withdrawn from the university.