$100,000 +

John A Carter Living Trust
First Financial Trust and Asset Management Company
Garrison Family Foundation
Estate of Lorene Hostutler
Pat E. Munn '61 and Jan Munn
Pettit Estate
Barbara Seidel Swagerty '56
Texas United Methodist College Association (TUMCA)

$50,000 - $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Don Anderson
The Legett Foundation
David Shoup '91 and Christy Shoup

$25,000 - $49,999

Community Foundation of Abilene
Holland B. Evans Jr. '66 and Floy Evans
Melody Hunt '79
Dodge Jones Foundation
Robert Marcom '64 and Glenda Marcom
Paul F. McCarty '53 and Elizabeth McCarty
Mark W. Miller '78 and Jan Miller
JP Morgan
Pioneer College Caterers
Austin T. Pittman Jr. '91
Donald Ray Taylor '56
Roger W. Ward '67 and Kimberley Ward

$10,000 - $24,999

Amarillo Area Foundation
Richard F. Bacon
Bank of America
Joe A. Byington and Connie Byington
Mary Esther Paquet Bynum '52
Larry F. Conlee '71
Dr. Weldon S. Crowley '57 and Patricia Bennett Crowley '58
Frances Hill "Weeze" Daniel '38
Sandy Davis Maddox and Jimmy Maddox
Maxine Durrett Earl Charitable Foundation
Charles M. "Chuck" M. Fallon Jr. '85 and Susan Fallon
Sara Hernandez Graham '63
Ray Max Grimmett ex '66 and Judith D. Adcock Grimmett '66
Richard "Mac"Hamilton '62 and Gayle Rucker Hamilton '62
Dr. C. Girvin Harkins '60 and Dr. E. Ann Stone Harkins ex '61
Dr. Sandra Harper and Dave Harper
Heartspring Methodist Foundation
John T. Hendrick '73
Chad B. Johnson '00 and Allison Parks Johnson '00
Peter Krimmel and Joanne Krimmel
Reverend Bill W. Libby
Dr. Eddie H. Massey '61
Dr. Ralph M. McCleskey '65 and Pat McCleskey
Kenneth T. Murphy
Pepsi Beverages Company
David L. Petree '67 and Debra Petree
Schwab Charitable Fund
Stephen S. Sundby '75 and Bonnie J. Wynne Sundby ex '75
VIP Sports Getaway (Safe Charters LLC)
Darrell Yearwood and M. Lynn Varner Yearwood '70


Seth A. Ardoin '04
Donna Dougherty Insurance
Paul F. and Virginia J. Engler Foundation
Ronny D. Flowers and Pamela Flowers
Orland Gilbert '57
Lawrence Hall Chevrolet-Buick-Pontiac-GMC
Dr. Carl M. Hubbard '68 and Karen Hubbard
Glynell Armstrong Hughes '59
Impact Assets, Inc.
Julia Jones Matthews
McClellan Oil Corporation
Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church
Dian Graves Owen Foundation
Fawn Pierce
Cadmus A. Pursley '50
Dr. Richard B. Quy '70 and Cynthia L. Pickett Quy '70
Dr. Gary W. Shanafelt and Nancy F. Shanafelt
Hoss Smith and Deborah L. Smith
Richard M. "Rick" M. Stivers '71 and Pam W. Stivers
Mary Tom Kirk Tooley '49
Trinity Resources, LLC
Dr. Ralph J. Turner '74 and Karen Parker Turner ex '74
United Capital Funds Inc.
West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation
XYZ Trust


Bolinger Segars Gilbert & Moss, LLP
Ken Bowles and Debra Hulse Bowles '80
Reverend Lane Boyd '70 and Tamra McInturff Boyd '69
Dr. Clement Y. Butt '61 and ShuShih Butt
Campaign Sports, LLC
Louie B. Davis '63 and Jo Ann Davis ex '63
Patsy Ruth Kirk Edens '47
Reverend Richard W. Edwards and Jo Beth Edwards
Dr. Paul J. Fabrizio and Ginger Fabrizio
Sam Ferguson and Kimberly Ferguson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Financial Bank
Dr. Joanna Barnett Gibson '70
Dr. Floyd Lee Jennings '61
Ted Johnson and Ann Johnson
Anna McBride Johnson ex '49
Dorothy Cooper Killough '50
William E. Knox '68 and Donna J. Kesler Knox '69
Joe Loter '65 and Zelma Loter
Dr. Winfred L. Magnuson '59
Dr. John R. Parker '94
Joyce Sherrill Parrish '49
Billye Proctor Shaw
Rebecca Jo Rankin '59
Donald K. Riffe and Gaynelle Riffe
Kyle Robarts and Danielle Kelton Robarts '09
Dr. John H. Russell and Gerri Russell
Bishop Dan Solomon '58 and Marcia Solomon ex '63
Dr. Sam Spence '77 and Ann Spence
Jimmy Stallings '50
Floyd D. Swaim '66
Gaylene Taylor '60
The Toles Family Foundation
Irene Trotter
James E. Uselton '64
Barry G. Wallace '79 and Debbie K. St. John Wallace '79
Laurens D.Walrath and Marcia Ruth Walrath
Dr. Paul Whitton '65 and Glynna Shipp Whitton '64
Ronald Williams and Lisa Love Williams
Dr. Kay L. Younggren '02
Gary Zook '54 and Virginia Zook


Daniel L. Alexander '97
Dr. Carl M. Andersen '57 and Linda K. Adcock Andersen '57
Jim Arnold '57
Ken W. Baker and Tammy Baker
David Ballard
Jim L. Becton '69 and Sherlyn Becton
Fred Bilbo and Shelly Bilbo
Dr. Jack B. Bishop '67 and Irene Bishop
Dr. John H. Bliznak '90 and Kelley J. Pruitt Bliznak '91
Don M. Boyd '59 and Janice Boyd
Steven C. Bristow '96 and Shana M. Norman Bristow '92
Richard L. Brozovic and Patricia Weinman Brozovic '99
Bruckner Family Foundation, Inc.
Margaret Evelyn Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bynum
Patricia Carter
Weldon Carter '49
Dr. Virginia B. Connally
Victor Emory Corley '71 and Carol Corley
Barry Davis and Antoinette Davis
Robert E. Davis and Cecelia Davis
Reverend Stephen S. Day '76
Ruby Jo Day '44
Gary Day
Dr. Edward Donnay
Dr. Richard A. Drum '66
Pat Hunt Dudley '65
Elizabeth Dulin
D. Kirk Edens '79 and Pamela Palmer Edens ex '74
Enlink Midstream
Bob A. Estes and Elizabeth A. Estes
T. Ezzell and Candy Ezzell
Edie Fidler
Dr. Jolynn Galvin '75 and Steven Hooper
B. Scott Garner
Camille Stone George '67
Donald M. Gooch '69 and Patti Gooch
Raymond L. Haynes '68 and Katherine Haynes
John J. Hegi and Sharon Hegi
Dr. Robert C. Henderson '68 and Genette Cudd Henderson '68
John D. Hendrick and Marian Hendrick
David Heringer and Chris Heringer
Dr. Ryan T. Higley '04 and Ashley I. Wann Higley '04
Vance Horsley '55
Dr. Eugene V. Hudman '92 and Hollie Hudman
Insurance Partners of Texas
Intuitive Systems, Inc.
D.K. Ivy Ph.D.
Sabrina Izbrand and David Izbrand
Bera Faye Spann Johnson '58
Patti L. Holloway '00
Dorothy A. Kayser '58
Hershel E. Kimbrell '50
Dr. James E. Kirby Jr. '54 and Patty Booth Kirby '54
Paul Lack '66
John W. Lackey
Dr. Timothy L. Lacy '92
Millie Akens Lawrence ex '55
Michael Lehr '52
Dr. James C. Lemon '71
Bill Lipham and Sharon Lipham
Dr. K.O. Long '70 and Marilyn Kouns Long '70
Brian Maddox '98 and Keri Maddox
Jeffrey L. Maddox '95 and Julie A. Mathews Maddox '96
Gordon W. Mahon '54 and Melba Mahon
Michael McBride and Juanita McBride
Raymond A. McDaniel Jr.* and Gloria B. McDaniel
Dr. Gordon A. McMillan
Bynum W. Miers '59 and Barbara Brown Miers ex '59
William J. "Bill" Moore '69 and Patricia Garrison Moore '69
New Mexico Conference of the United Methodist Church
Mr. Justin Nine
North District Office United Methodist Church
Francisco "Harvey" J. Oaxaca '77
Mark Odom '82 and Chris Huffman Odom '87
Dr. Pug Deavenport Parris '73 and Rickey Parris '73
Judge Lloyd W. Perkins and Dorothy Perkins
Polo Oil & Gas Company
Brad Poorman and Kristie Poorman
Priceless Literacy
Barbara Lynn Ramsey
Bob S. Reily '51 and Charlene Ross Reily '51
Professor Manfred Reinecke
Vanessa Roberts Bryan
Michael Ferguson and Cynthia Rutledge Ferguson
V. Glenn Sears, MD '72 and Carolyn Sears
Dr. H. Wayne Smith '57
Mary Virginia Smith '71
Rodney G. Smith '88 and Nancy Pittard Smith '79
Joe W. Specht and Alice Specht
Orville Spradling
St Paul United Methodist Church of Abilene
Ronnie D. Stice '70
Ralph D. Stoaks, Ph.D. '58
Richard W. Stowers Jr. and Janet Stowers
STRC Oilfield Technology LLC
Strebeck Cattle Co.
Susan Stroud
Dr. Paul E. Stubbs '61
Norman Sulser '76 and Cindy Sulser
Colonel James L. True '65 (Ret.) and Bobbie M. Lemons True '62
Dr. Victor Tsang ex '58 and Marie Tsang
Mary Blanche Hooks Turner Hext ex '43
Craig Watson '95
Barbara Ann Whorton-Farley '73
Cherie Rose Widmayer '73
Dr. Gary Wilson ex '70 and Marci Wilson
Womack Machine Supply Companies
Dr. Alicia T. Wyatt and Terry Wyatt


Mr. and Mrs. James R. Abbott
Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau
Abilene Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy D. Adams
Les O. Albin '62 and Kay Albin
Aldersgate United Methodist Church of Abilene
Dr. Mark L. Alexander '89 and Teresa Alexander
American Classifieds
Arrow Ford Mitsubishi Inc.
Dr. Cathy Ashby
Jane Abbott Ayers '50
Wiley Bailey ex '65 and Barbara F. Holland Bailey '65
Martha L. Baker
Charles "Chuck" A. Bell '78 and Sarah S. Hardwick Bell '79
Dr. Paul A. Berg '85 and Amy Berg
Dave Beyer
Van Boozer* and Melba Boozer '55
Borden Duffel PC
Briley Holdings, Inc.
Douglas D. Brown '87 and Karin S. Young Brown '92
Michelle A. Jacquez Cao '01
Walter Case and Jeanette Case
Reverend Jim D. Chandler and Donna Chandler
Carl R. Childers '76
Citizens Bank, NA
Clear Fork Enterprises
Lanette Clevenger
Durk E. Corley
Judge Richard N. Countiss '58 and Karen Hopkins Countiss ex '60
Beckie Cox '73
Captain Jack Darnell (Ret.) '55
Lou Ann Davis '88
Mike A. Davis '67 and Adela Davis
Dr. Lou D. Diekemper
Dr. Robert G. Easterling and Sue H. Easterling
Dr. Roderic H. Fabian '76 and Elisa Fabian
Mr. Kevin Fender
Gary C. Finch and Ann Finch
Terri R. Ford '85
Mike Forrester
Dr. Billie Garrett Fullingim '63
Art Gazaille '95 and Jerri Gazaille '00
Daniel R. Gilbreath* '58 and Maudene Keesee Gilbreath '56
Kelly Gill
Barry C. Haenisch '71 and Linda J. Fleming Haenisch '71
Shea Hall and Larry Hall
Brent A. Harmon '96 and Elaine White Harmon '95
Mark Hathorn and Kelley L. Martin Hathorn '03
Gregory Hawthorne '85
Mark W. Haynes '83 & Donna Haynes
Dr. Wendell W. Hess* '57 and Loretta Hess ex '55
Dr. Lee Ann Odom Hillhouse '76 and Dr. Benjamin Hillhouse
Mr. Rolla R. Hinkle III
Barry L. Hoefer, DDS
Allen Holladay '55
JoLisa K. Hoover '92
Melody Hunt '79
Brian Huntley
Maurizio Iaduaniello
Mike and Kathy Johnson
Robert F. Jones '77 and Grace E. Jones
Craig Jones '84 and Kristina Horn Jones '92
Ryan D. King '98 and Jenifer L. Brown King '00
Kevin B. Kirby '81
Rick F. Kirkendall '66 and Karen L. Kirkendall '66
KIVA Exes Alumni Association
Dr. David M. Klassen and Jan Klassen
Randy Levrets
Mitchell E. Lowther
Roger L. Loyd '68 and Leta R. Allen Loyd '68
Jeff Lust '83 and Mary Lust
Lane T. Martin '99 and Brittany Martin
Shaun R. Martin '99
SuEarl B. McReynolds '64
Paul Melton
David C. Miller '68
Elton M. Montgomery and Tommy Ann Leitner Montgomery ex '60
Lt. Colonel Roberta Nicholson '87
Colonel Juri Vello Nou '52 and Josephine S. Nou
Michael Parsons '87 and Betsy Parsons
Jeremy A. Patman '97 and Amy M. Wilson Patman 98
Jim Perry and Sondra Lough Perry '69
Richard Petree '70 and Cammie Walrath Petree '83
Zach Pickelman
Jim R. Quinnett and Nancy Quinnett
Paul L. Rankin '62 and Caroline Hodges Rankin* '62
Barbara Ratliff ex '55
Jerry J. Reves '63 and Linda Reves
Reverend Doctor Emma Mae Richardson '62
Doyle Roberts and Willeen Roberts
Katrina Wells Robinson '66
Randy Roten '61
Lila L. Senter '75
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shepard
Hyunshun Shin
Trisha S. Teig '06
Ray and Gaylene Templeton
Dr. Richard L. Theriault and Kathleen Theriault
Stacey E. Thomas '06
Trumark Services, Inc.
Upshaw Consulting
Dr. Pamela Veltkamp
Carlton Villers '63 and Sally Finch Villers '65
Clark E. Walter '68 and Martha Miers Walter '68
Reverend David F. Weyant '70
Wheeler Veterinary Clinic
Sharon Reeve White '66
Rex Williams '61 and Joyce Williams
Dr. Keith Wiseman '57 and Nancy Clifton Wiseman '58
Dr. Jess Wofford
Marilyn Wright Wolfskill ex '54
Joseph S. Woods and Cynthia Dickens Woods '77
Carla Davis Woolley '73


Aldersgate United Methodist Men
Anson UMC
Lt. Colonel Owen R. Armbruster and Mary L. Armbruster
William A. Arno '69 and Kathy N. Wills Arno '69
AT&T Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Joan Baker
Christi Barr '14
Brandon Bartels '06 and Lori Bartels
Charles Jet Bartlett '64 and Cherry Bartlett
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Dr. Mike Bennett '65 and Sharon R. Wells Bennett '67
John Bentley '69 and Barbara Bentley
Betty K. Beyer '66
Patricia A. Bogar '59
Becky M. Boles '86
James C. "Jim" Bourne '70
Dean Brown '78 and Linda Brown
Byron L. Calcote '64 and Betty J. Calcote
Carolyn Watson Calvert '97
Robbie Carlton '54
Sue Carney '49
Karen Chronister '96
Clyde First U.M.C.
Coll Bros. Law, LLC
College View Baptist Church
Suzann and Josh Couts
Dr. Ann Craig
Leigh Crane '84 and Tim Crane '82
Danny L. Cravens '68 and Pat Mabane Cravens '67
Travis W. Crisman '09
Lesa Crosswhite
Dee Ann Curry
Adam K. Davidson '07 and Whitney Truran Davidson '08
Linda A. Herdman Davidson '01
Judith A. Reynolds Davis '61
DJ's 5 Star Auto Service
Dr. Ezekiel and Amanda Terpening Duke '99
Dr. Bill J. Dulin* and Dianne Dulin
Dr. Chris W. Edwards '99 and Allison E. Edwards
Bonita D. Wilson Elliott '49
Encompass Cares
Reverend Robert L. Epps '54 and Richie Lane Epps '55
Estate of Oneta Roberts Furr
Elliott Feinstein and Lisa Crowley Feinstein
First United Methodist Church of Haskell
Gerald B. "Jerry" Fitzhugh '65 and Sandra Fitzhugh ex '64
Dr. Kathryn Flores and David Robles
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ford
Michael Forrester and Sylvia Forrester
Deonna L. Galbraith '80
Dr. John H. Garrison '69 and Carol Garrison
Julie Rene` Gates '87
Robert B. Gillette '72, '76 and Ardis Gillette
Justo Gomez III '00 and Marina Reyes Gomez '98
Carolyn Grantham '69
Mr. John Grieves
Jenna Guest
Marcelyn Guthrie and Gerald Guthrie '71
James E. Hamilton '67
Dylan Hardesty '14
Wendy G. Hargus '78
Annette Marie Havens
Gary Don Hicks '74 and Robbie G. Swenson Hicks '74
Ronda L. Hoelscher
Pat T. Holladay '72
Joe E. Hoover and Joyce F. Hoover
Clifford L. Howell '45
Nancy Hughes
Charles "Charlie" E. Hukill and Betty Hukill
James Hunt and Diane Hunt
Aaron Jackson and Jackie S. Jackson
Rita Jendry and David Jendry
Ms. Marjorie Johnson
Lt Colonel Robin A. Julien and Ruthyle Julien
Helen Kiser
Dr. Patricia A. Lapoint
J. Rodney Lee and Sara N. Lee '55
Dr. Philip LeMasters and Dr. Paige LeMasters
Thel J. Daniel Lemons '73
C. Scott Lewis Homes, Inc.
Keith Lightfoot '66 and Judy Lightfoot '66
Ruth Ann Litchfield '68
Donna J. Long-Wolfer '92
Lutheran Foundation of Texas
Arthur Maberry
Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Magee
Connie L. Matney Martin '78
Dr. Robert E. Martin and Patty Martin
Rosa L McClure
Ms. Carolyn McCoy
Reverend Roland R. McGregor and Darla McGregor
Janet Sue McMurray '96
Dr. Robert C. "Bob" Monk and Carolyn Monk
Dr. Kay Schultz Mount '70
T. Glen Nix '72 and Glenda Gracy Nix '72
Hope Pamplin '01
Dr. Russell C. Parchman '63 and Barbara Bratton Parchman '63
Dr. Jenny C. Parks '92
Becky J. Ratliff '75
James and Patricia Reid
Kendall Roberson and Beverly Roberson
Reverend Kenneth C. Rodgers '55 and Mayra Rodgers
RouterCAD Inc.
Mr. Jack Russell
Dennis A. Russell and Kristine E. Russell ex '70
Farren M. Sadler
Dr. Anna Saghatelyn and Alexander Karabegov
Fred Schkade '58 and Linda Hoover Schkade '59
Megan Schmidt
Dr. Patricia Liberatore Schwartz '74
Dr. Jarrell H. Sharp '54 and Bertha Patterson Sharp '56
John Shepard and Bobbie Shepard
David M. Smith '76
Theresa M. Smith '58
Charles L. Smith Jr. '76
Hannah Squiers '09 and Henry Squiers '07
Robert St Jean '98 and Beth St Jean
Star Dodge
George Starbuck and Charolette Starbuck
Dr. James A. Stewart '76
Colby Stone '97 and Martha Watson Stone '98
John C. Stowe '61 and Jackie Stowe
Mary Street and T. Street
Dr. Jenny Terrell '99
Nancy R. Thompson
Reverend Alice V. Plotts Tondora'96
Dr. Darrell L. Vines '58 and Mary Marcom Vines '58
Rick Waldraff '83 and Kristy Waldraff '83
Charles W. Warford '61
Mr. and Mrs. James Welch
Wendab Associates, LP
West Texas Rehabilitation Center
Amy Weyant '95
Reverend Robert "Bob" E. Whitis '57 and Nelda Dunn Whitis '58
Dr. Rodney L. Williams '57 and Belva J. Williams
George C. Willis '75
Mrs. Winnie Wyatt
Dr. Max Wynn '80 and Sharon Weber Wynn '80
Bill Young and Terry S. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Zarbock


Abilene Goodwill Industries
Abilene Wednesday Rotary
Mr. Stanley Adams
Dr. Peggy P. Aguirre '70
Trey Aiken and Susan Aiken
Air Ag, Inc.
Jessie "Spud" Aldridge Jr. '56 and Marilyn King Aldridge '61
Steven D. Aldridge '91 and Sheryl Aldridge
Loretta Alexander ex '63
Cindy A. Allen '80
Jean Montgomery Allen '60
Lorene E. Allen
Wade Anthony and Bea Anthony
Charles D. Atkinson '55 and Patsy R. King Atkinson '55
M. Fred Austin '63
Truett Austin '66 and Karen Austin
Bryan B. Baker and Barbara J. Baker
Dr. Morris Baker '63
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker
Vicki E. Bannerman
James R. Barnes and Judy Barnes
Stephen and Candace T. Barnett
Dr. James W. Bass and Bette A. Carroll Bass '66
Evelyn Bauman
Richard M. Bauman '67
John Baumer '05
Dr. Stacy G. Beaty '99 and Susan M. Bailey Beaty '00
Robert K. Bein II '80 and Rachael Bein
Dennis Bell and Jane C. Geurin Bell '72
Glenn Bennett '55 and Lylia J. Moore Bennett '55
Glenn D. Bennett Real Estate
Connie S. Berlingeri
Dr. Tina Bertrand
Fred W. Bilbo '56 and Georgene Bilbo
Jimmy Blanton '89 and Leslie Blanton '88
Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Boddeker
Johnna D. Bolden '00
Thomas P. Bolt and Pam J. Bolt '79
Jeremy Bolton and Gina Bolton
Kendall Bond
David D. Bonds '68 and Gena M. Cox Bonds ex '65
Sara Botello Benavidez '82 and Joe Benavidez
James Boynton and LaVerne Boynton
Dr. David G. Brabham and KiKi D. Carthel Brabham '00
Walter Richard Bray
Terry Breeden '73 and Brenda Morton Breeden '00
Patricia Britain '49
Muriel Broce
Rebecca Brock
Barbara Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brooks, Jr.
George A. Brown Jr. '56
Wayne Brown and Faye Brown '79
Ms. Glenda Brownlee
Dan Bruce '66 and Nancy Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bruggink
Sandra Bulger '82 and Nathan Bulger
Clayton P. Bulls '95 and Melissa R. Phemister Bulls '94
Spencer Burgess '61 and Laverne Burgess
Tommy L. Burrus '69 and Sarah Field Burrus '69
Charles H. Busey '69
Donald F. Bushell '72 and Barbara Bushell
Ms. Patricia Butler
Dr. Mary M. Buzan '70
The Byington Family
Dr. Tikhon Bykov and Dr. Yelena Kosheleva
Susan L. Bynum '79
Ms. Mary Sue Bynum Avary
Vondell Byrne* '44
Thomas Cannon and Linda Cannon
Stanley D. Carter '82 and Laura Lea Carter '82
Becky G. Casey '73
Troy and Terry Cass
Patricia I. Cauley
Matthew R. Chalmers '72 and Cecelia R. Boles Chalmers '72
Dr. William F. Chambers and Mary D. Chambers
Michael Chambless '93 and Rani Chambless
Bill S. '70 Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Chirhart
Christ Community United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. David Clarkson
Walt Clemmer
David A. Clifton '00 and Elizabeth Clifton
Theresa Ann Clouse
Tammie Coffman '95 and George Coffman
Mickey F. Cohlmia '68 and Mary Ruth Cohlmia '68
Sterley Cole '69 and Bonnie Cole
Timothy Collier
Jamie Collins '86 and Michael Collins '83
Evelyn Collis '70
Michael Collum '63 and Jamie Collum
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Condren
Ms. Elizabeth Conner
Linda Seago Connor '71
Coach B. Conway '04
Linda Cook '65 and Thomas Cook
Mrs. Janet Cook
Dr. Janice Lea Bryant Cooper '80
Dr. Linda Cooper '85 and Dean Cooper
Rosalee F. Cottington
Nowlin D. Cox '61
Richie F. Cravens and Gwen Cravens
Mrs. Audrey Crouch
Barbara Crousen
Steven Crow '91 and Sonya Crow
Stacy Seymore Cullins '86
John Curry '67 and Frances Curry
Reverend Hugh B. Daniel '51
Randy Daniell '76 and Kathy Daniell
Dr. Sherry Bevins Darrell '70
Gary B. Davis and Laura L. Davis '87
Virginia A. Walker Davis '56
Shannon Sedgwick Davis '96
Edie Deichmann and Willis Deichmann
Kathy M. Voss Denslow '91
Dr. and Mrs. C.E. Deyhle Jr.
Wayne Dobbins '67 and Carolyn Dobbins
Joe R. Doby and Megan N. Doby '05
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dompe
Charles W. Dortch '48
Reverend Ted Dotts Jr.* and Betty A. Shewbert Dotts '58
Double Dave's Pizzaworks
Bitsy M. and Scott M. Downing
Sarah Driskell '08 and Jordan Driskell
Thomas DuBois '62 and Faithel DuBois
Mike Dudley '77
Jerry E. Duncan '67 and Deenie C. Chancellor Duncan '67
Kathleen Dye
Jeremy Eaton
Mr. William T. Eckles
Billy G. Edwards '63
Judy Elliott '76 and Dennis Elliott '78
Gary Ellison and Cheryl L. Mitchell Ellison '92
Monica F. Espedal '02 and David Espedal
Bob Eubanks and Glenda J. Eubanks '62
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Evans
Chris Faehnle
Samuel W. Faris '70
James E. Faulkenberry '73 and Teresa L. Shambrook Faulkenberry '84
Nancy A. Faulkner '87
Dr. Greg Feris '70 and Glenda Heist Feris '67
Alberto Ferreiro '62
Reverend Gene B. Ferrell '52 and Mary J. Ferrell
Joe A. Fichera '00 and Corley D. Segovia Fichera '98
First Bank Texas
Pete Fischer '76
Steven Fisher
Charman Flagg '86
Mr. Brandon Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Flores
Joe Bill Fox '56 and Beverly Fox
Katharina Frank
Patricia Ann Franklin
Mr. Charles Franklin
Dr. Edwin R. Franks ex '49 and Christine Hambright Franks '50
Kenneth Frazier '71 and Charlotte Frazier '72
Scott H. Fritz and Alma Fritz
Michael C. Frye '91
Dan Gainey '88 and Catherine Gainey '88
Mr. Hollis Gainey
Danny Garcia '08
Mr. and Mrs. Tye Geppi
Ms. Dorothy Gibbs
Mr. George D. Giddens
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gill
Reverend James A. Glasscock '57 and Lois Glasscock
Dr. Noe E. Gonzales '54 and Ruth Gonzales
Mr. Manuel R. Gonzalez
Caleb Gonzalez
Boyd Goodloe III and Julie M. Sechrist Goodloe '90
Paul Gothard '58
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graham
Gravley and Leggett, PLLC
Karen Greenwaldt '73 and Russ Harris
Hazel Gregory
Jerry Gribble '60 and Carlene Gribble '60
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Griggs
Joey Guevera
Deborah M. Jones Guthrie '85
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Hale
James R. Hale '51
Glen D. Hall, D.D.S.
M. Glyn Hammons and Betty Bixler Hammons '84
Mr. Donald Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hanthorn
James R. Hardy '67 and Monica Hardy
Joseph Harriger '88
Reverend Glenn A. Harrington '53 and Florence C. Harrington '52
James W. Harvey '62 and Jane Ammons Harvey '61
Charles R. Hastings Jr. '56 and Peggy Hastings
Shirley R. Hatfield ex '70
Hawley United Methodist Church
Heidel, Samberson, Newell, Cox & McMahon
Kent Henderson
Dr. Richard A. Henderson '90 and Debra L. Griffin Henderson '89
Jim Henry and Coleen Morganthall Henry '69
Harold Henson and Martha Ranson Henson '63
Caleb Hernandez-Gonzales '15
Mario Herrera '03
Lori E. Jordan Herrick '99
Margie Herring
Dr. Erin L. Hughes Hicks '03 and Bradley S. Hicks '02
Highland United Methodist Church
Highlander School
Dr. Edwin P. Hill '52
Walter W. Hofheinz '79
Charles G. Hogsett Jr. '47
Summer Holbrook '00 and Wes Wadle
J. Paul Holcomb '62 and Sue A. Cross Holcomb '63
Mark W. Holcomb '68 and Judy Lippard Holcomb ex '68
Dr. Donald Holladay '74
Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Howard Jr.
HS/NS Family Real Estate LTD
Donald Hughes '68
Mr. Robert Hughes
Sam Hughes
David and Lecia Hughes
Joe C. Humphrey '65 and Susan B. Quible Humphrey '65
Frank Hunt and Tommie Hunt
Carolyn Husen '71
Melinda R. Ikeler '81
Dale Jackson '72 and Cindy Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jackson
Mr. William Jackson
Mr. Dave Jandron
Doug Jeter and Alana Wilson Jeter '01
Katy Jetton '01 and Thomas Jetton '99
David K. Johnson '02
Debbie P. Johnson '77
Louis P. Jones '08
Tony E. Jordan '67
Dr. Paul Jungmeyer
Nikki Kay '97 and James Kay '98
Jo An Key '56
Clark King '69 and Penny King '69
Reverend Kimberly Kinsey '88
Charles M. Kitchell and Alice Pittard Kitchell '61
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Koenig III
Edith Koss '67 and Gary Koss
Ms. Jean Krause
Gary C. Landers '73 and Belinda K. Landers
Joseph Landrum '70 and Kathleen Moore Landrum '70
Billie G. Langston ex '48 through the Charitable Gift Account at Schwab Charitable Fund
Scott L. Larson '95
Mr. and Ms. Dan Turner Laughter
Charles Ledford and Cathy J. Hamblen Ledford '81
Jerald Lee* '61 and Virginia Lee
Mr. James Lee
Andrea Leech
Paul A. Lenker '71 and Molly J. Lenker '70
Karen L. Leonard '80
George P. Levesque '96
Joey G. Light '82 and Karen Light
Frances Scrimshire Lindquist '41
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Little
James Littlepage '53 and Jo Ann Littlepage
Alicia M. Lohberger '06
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lown
Mrs. Margaret Lowther
Donna D. Riley Lucado '76
Crystal Luensmann '00
Reverend Dr. Joseph Lukonic '61 and Nancy Lukonic
Mr. Robert T. Lyons
Wanza Madrid '96 and Aaron Madrid
Carlos W. Mainord '68 and Judy L. Stricklin Mainord '68
Charles Maldonado '85 and Rachel Maldonado
Ms. Monica Marcum
Mark J. Marsh and W. Jean McIntyre Marsh '74
Duke W. Marshall '92 and Shannon Martin Marshall ex '90
Katrina Martich
Dr. Cindy A. Martin
Karen Marvel Shute '84 and Thomas Marvel
Melissia A. Mason '96
Eldon "Gene" Mathis '67 and Gaye Mathis
Doris M. Matthews ex '48
Dr. Rex L. Mauldin* '50
Sean L. May '94 and Janet L. Hansen May '95
R. Ken Mays '54 and Mary Ann Huddleston Mays ex '53
James R. McAden '71
Nancy McBride
Ruthella McBride
Patricia McBride
George McBride '68 and Ruby McBride
Arnett D. McClure '12 and Shasta McClure
Dr. H. Weldon McCormick '49
Dr. Carl M. McGee and Barbara McGee
Peggy McGuire '73 and James McGuire
Daniel McGunegle
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. McKay
Mark McKeehan '86 and Nancy McKeehan
Garry McKinney '72 and Jean McKinney
Keith H. McMenamy '75 and Glenda K. Evans McMenamy '75
Mrs. Laura McRay
William Mefford '90 and Marti Mefford
Anton Melnyk
Sylvia Sikes Melugin '58
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Miller Jr.
Brian K. Mirau '84 and Karen L. Tedford Mirau '84
Mike Mixon and Kathy Mixon
Kelly A. Modisett '08
Kimberly Monroe '88
Isabel G. Montoya '95
Don Moore and Patsy J. Kinnard Moore '62
Sarah C. Moore J.D.
Mr. Miles Moore
Hardin Moore
Jan Morgan
Maurice Moroney
Stephanie M. Murillo '10
Paige Nalley '93
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nash
Jessica Neaves '11 and Joshua Neaves '11
Dwight Needels '77 and Theresa Davis Needels '77
Dr. Van E. Neie '61 and Marilyn Jones Neie ex '62
Rev. Dr. Helen R. Neinast '75 and Tom Ettinger
W.G. "Tank" Nelson '76 and Nancy Hawkins Nelson '77
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Niehaus
Frances Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W Oaks
Janet O'Dell
O'Kelley Office Supply, Inc.
Mrs. Sonia Oltman
John Orr '92 and Sara Orr '93
Ms. Jo Ann Osburn
H. Lon Outland '93
Taylor Owensv
Mr. Lawrence J. Pacl
Ernest C. Park '65 and June Bell Park '66
Mary F. Burke Parks ex '49
Susan Stephens Parks '68
Reverend Derrell W. Patterson '77 and Sandy Patterson
Reverend G. Richard Payne '51
Jeff L. Pemberton and Lynn Hixon Pemberton '65
Howard Perry
Arthur L. Pertile III '83 and Renita D. King
James H. Pinson '73 and Carol Mason Pinson ex '76
Alicia Pittman
Charlotte Place '83 and Don Place
Dr. D. G. Porterfield '51 and Aliece Paschall Porterfield ex '51
Jim Porterfield '78 and Salome Porterfield
Roger B. Powell '70 and JoLyn Powell
Mrs. Dorothy Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pritchett
Procter Automotive
Providence Supply
Pumpers Supply and Equipment Company Inc.
Dwain T. Pyburn '56 and Bobbie Williams Pyburn ex '56
Frank R. Qualls '61 and Barbara Qualls
Reverend Howard D. Quiett '58 and M. Frances Reed Quiett '57
Ms. Tonya R. Railsback
Rainbolt Auto Sales
Phillip Rangel '09
Charlotte Rantz '78 and John Rantz
Dr. Todd W. Rasberry '86 and Blanche E. Overton
Harriet L. Redwine '59
Jesse Reece and Carol Reece
Sheryl S. Reeves '91
Thomas Reid '69 and Sharon Reid '71
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Renison
Responsive Education Solutions
Reyes Law Firm, PC
Waco Reynolds '65 and Linda J. Miracle Reynolds ex '65
Jerry D. Reynolds '58 and Wilma Anderson Reynolds '58
Dara L. Stephens Rhodes '73
C. Janice Richards '63
Dr. Clara L. Richardson '73
Colonel Billy F. Richey '66 and Mary K. Sharp Richey '67
Donnie R. Rieger '92 and Ellen Walling Rieger
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Ritz
Dorothy Roark '61
Nancy L. Roberts '73
Larry D. Robertson '70 and Christy A. Robertson
David Robinson
Ms. Catalina S. Rodriguez
Brenda Roe
Jeremy S. Ross '96 and Jincy W. Drennan Ross '96
Mr. Ronald Runyon
Elta Russell '69 and Jimmy Russell '71
Mrs. Rhonda Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Russo
John F. Sampson '06
Aaron Samson and Erin E. Stevens Samson '06
L. J. Sanders Jr. and Virginia Sanders
J.R. Scarbrough and Judy Scarbrough
Mr. Robert Schies and Glynis Schies
Mark and Susan Schmidt
Dr. Gregory Schneller and Ruth Schneller
Ray Seaboalt
Judy A. Ammons Seeley '64
C. Mack Seymore and Ida M. King Seymore '63
Mark A. Sharp '86
Dr. A.C. Sharp '55 and Mary Beth Waldrip Sharp ex '55
Tina Sharpling '96
Jerry Sides '62 and Sylvia Sides
Dawn Smith '93 and Gary Smith
Debbie Smith '81 and Steven Smith '81
Ruth A. Smith '97
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Smith
Mr. Ken A. Smith
Alison P. Smith '88
Patricia J. Smith '68
Phillip W. Sneed '74 and Sally M. Stone Sneed '74
Jay Spencer
W. Stapler '55 and Betty Stapler
John F. Starbuck '92
Michael "Mike" Stephens and Kelly Stephens
Harold Stevens '71
Robert M. Stiles and Nancy Dickson Stiles '58
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Storey
Michael Stringer and Jennifer K. Stringer '97
Guy Stuart
Marie E. Sward Sweezey '08
J Tadvick
Beverly Tarpley
Radford Taylor and Jimmie Sue "Suzy" Copeland Taylor '69
Tommy N. Taylor '62 and M. Madeline Swenson Taylor '62
Jimmy K. Teeter '71
Alma Josselet Terrell '40
Texas Book Company
Texas Golden Spread Allstars
The Covenant at Sugar Grove
Eddie Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Thomas '73
Gil Thomsen '66 and Nancy Thomsen
Dale Thorp '66 and Marilou Soltis
Billye Sandra Patterson Townsend '58
Mary F. Townsend
Toyah United Methodist Church
Patsy L. Tracy ex '52
George W. Trever and Judy A. Trever
Sandra Trojacek
Phyllis Trueblood
Richard Tucker '59 and Marlene Tucker
Jay Underwood
Donald Vance and Paula Vance
Edward Vela and Sallye Vela '64
Jamie L. Villegas
Louis Voit and Barbara Voit
Kathryn L. von Ende '66
Reverend John W. Wagoner '64
Kathie, Larry, and Maya Walker-Millar
Mark Walters '50 and Marilyn Walters
Mr. R. Kyle Ward
David Greg Warden '96 and Jennifer Warden
Robert C. Washam '57
Kathy Webster
Leroy Wegner '55 and Sandra Wegner
Sue Wescott '66
W. Claude Wescott '68 and Cindy H. Watson Wescott '70
Hoy E. West and Dorothy M. Harkins West '45
Barbara Brown Wheatley '64
Mickey Wheeler '72 and Linda J. Talbert Wheeler '72
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wheeler Jr.
Randy G. White '87 and Maria White
Joel T. Whittemore and Maria Whittemore
Bobby A. Whorton EX '63
Tom Wideman and June Wideman
Dr. and Mrs. Bennett Wight
Kelsey L. Willems '13
Mr. Robert R. Williams
Walter Williams '12
Ronald Williams '01
Cynie Williams '86 and Ken Williams
Robert E. Wilson '81
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Winters
Monika Woolley '83
Michael Workman '63 and Lou Workman
Suzanne W. Worsham '65
John Wright and Rhonda Wright
Karen Green Wyatt '84
Edward " Buddy" Wylie '65 and Linda Bell Wylie '64
Rob Yeatts
Jack Garner Young
Katanna Zachry '73 and Charles Zachry


Matt J. Acklin '97 and Keely R. Acklin '10
Reverend Brian K. Adams '83 and Janice C. Evers Adams ex '80
Mrs. and Mr. Carlas Adkins
James Allen '75
Randall Allen '02 and Sheryl Allen
Dr. James E. Alvis '58
Ms. Bonnie Anderson Schropp
Gerald Andrews '03 and Barbara Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Anthony
Phillip A. and Betty Sue Arledge Master Trust
Laura Baker '46 and Grady Baker '47
Richard Baker and Elaine Snowdon Baker '66
James D. Bales '55 and Lynn Bales
Bev Ball
Mikayla Ballew
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ballew
Vicki Barncastle
Mr. Harry Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Beaver
Mr. Chris Bell
Danny R. Bellah '73 and Mary F. Powell Bellah '73
Vicki Berrier '67 and Jim Berrier
Larry G. Bevill '83
Don Bledsoe '64 and Lera Bledsoe '62
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Bledsoe
Coyita F. Bowker '52
John Brady and Mary J. Brady '77
Nancy Brent '71 and Larry Brent
Tom and Janet Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bricker
Graham W. Bridges and Jeanne Stone Bridges '57
Teresa Bridwell and James Bridwell
Jennie Bright
Ms. Paula Brown
Erma Brownd
James Bryan
Dr. Cameo Harvey Bryant '89 and Baker N. Bryant '89
Sonja Burgess
James Burton '01
Ann C. Baldridge Busby '62
Jane Busby
Wilma Bush
Becki Byrd '87 and Gerald Byrd
Jo Ann Caddell
Lisa Calvert '95 and Martin Calvert '97
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Campbell III
Robert C. Carlson '88 and Tonja Carlson
Msgt. Willie J. Carter (Ret.) '96
JoAnn Case '73
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Case
Mrs. Stephanie Casey
Gwendolyn S. Cate '68 and Charles H. Cate '69
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Chalker
Daniel D. Chavez '96
Casey Chelton '15
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Chermak
Enrique Cisneros '05
Tommye Clark '83 and Charles Clark
Jana Clayton '91
Ann Clegg '60
Kristyn D. Cobb '12
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Cobb
Stan M. Coffman '76 and M. Laurie Hays Coffman '76
Judy Colvin
Ann Contreras '10
Charles Converse '92 and Elizabeth Converse
Mary Cooksey
Beth Copelin '82 and Bobby Copelin
Robert Corley '55 and Mary Corley
Frank Costello
Joe Craft '55 and Jane Craft '57
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Craig
Alyson Henry Crawford '03
Joe W. Croft '88 and Libby A. Croft '79
Mrs. Virginia Crosby
Mrs. and Mr. Pat Crump
Mrs. Christine Curtis-Carr
Laurel Dalluge '96
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. David
John Davis '90 and Nancy Davis
Arlene Davis '03
Myra Dean
Tommy Deavenport
Barbara Dement '66 and Ted Dement
Angela Dennis
Mark Dillman '75 and Lisa Dillman
Jamie D. Doby '10
Jerome L. Doerrie ex '66 and Bobette B. Doerrie '66
Michael Donlon
Jeanette A. Dotson
Chester L. Dougherty '69 and Donna Roush Dougherty '69
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dowd
Manse Draper '00 and Brooke Draper
Bobby G. Driver '61 and Marilyn Driver
Kelly Duke
William Duke '86 and Cheryl Duke '86
Dr. Connie D. Dunn ex '83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duplantis
Jan Black Edwards '52
John Edwards '64 and Darla Edwards
Mrs. C.D. Elliott
Fred and Glenna Engle
Robert Estel '74 and Nita Estel
Barbara and Bryan Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Chet Everett
Dale A. Evers '82
Leslie Fader
Jenna Fahrney '15
Faith Covenant Church
Susan Haber Feemster '88
Martin Finau '14
First United Methodist Church of Pecos, Texas
Dr. Dennis W. Flaugher '81 and Jill A. Symonds Flaugher '80
Teri Flynn
Jack E. Flynn and Judy Young Flynn ex '73
Kyle S. Fonville '97 and Christa M. Davis Fonville '96
Mrs. Elizabeth Foster
Colby Freehauf '13
Kevin Freeland and Karen Freeland
Mr. John Fuston
Ben Gafford '73 and Dora Gafford
Linda Gamertsfelder '71
Ryan Gattis '14 and Hali Dees '13
Johnny Gentry
Ms. Shelby Gibbs
Fran Gillard
Reverend Kenneth Pat Ginn '65 and Martha A. Dusek Ginn '65
Allen Glenn and Esme Glenn
Mary Glover '78
Kerry Goff '10 and Ashleigh Goff
Brian M. Gonzales '10
Ricki Gooch '75 and Jerry Gooch '73
Rob Goodman
Pat Goodnature
Paul Gottfried
Van Grady '71 and Helen Grady
Mrs. Rhonda Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Green
Judith M. Gremminger '70
Pamela Grissom
Theodore G. Groh and Lanelle Mitchell Groh '69
James Guthrie '66 and Sue Guthrie
Jane E. Guthrie '73
Ivan L. Hall ex '59 and Martha Hall
Reverend Robert E. Hall '64 and Carol A. Tisdale Hall ex '67
Mrs. Deana V. Hall
Les Hall and Julia Hall
Dr. Don Hamilton '58 and Nancy B. Rich Hamilton '59
Lynda J. Hamilton '68
Irvin Hamilton '71 and Shirley Hamilton
Tommye L. Hansen EX '58
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Harger
Kirstyn Hart '97 and Jay Hart
Marsha A. Cockrell Hartos '57
Van L. Hayes '83
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Haynes
Brooke Hendricks-Green '02 and Marty Green
Sabin Hendrickson* '52 and Earlene Hendrickson
Mr. Billy Henkel
Mr. Lyle Hennings
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hennings
Inez J. Henry '95
Amy S. Henry '97
Mrs. Mary Lou Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Hester
Ashley Nicole '15 Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hicks
Ken Higdon '76 and Elizabeth Higdon
Mrs. Kelly Hight
Ms. Janis Kay Hillis
Lindsay Hobbs '06
Billie Hargus Hoefer '49
Reverend Wilson R. Holman '71
Mrs. Natalie L. Hooper
John W. Hooper and Peggy J. Campbell Hooper '57
Ms. Karen Hornberger
Carla K. Howard Moore '71
Luke Hurst and Ann Rhiddlehoover Hurst '01
Samuel A. Ingram '03 and Katy Goss Ingram '04
Gregory Jacklewicz and Hollye Jacklewicz
Ray James '61 and Linda James
Donna Cooper Jean '75
Thomas A. Johnson '93
Becky Jones '00 and Daniel Jones
Priscilla Jones
Carl and Tamera Jones
Marilyn Jones
Thomas G. Jones '67 and Linda K. Jones
Joy Kaerwer
John Kalb and Amy Kalb
Ms. Catherine C Kaplan
Deborah Keeling '03
Ms. Maxine Kiker
Willie E. Knoy '41 and Mary Knoy
Reena Krishnan '05
Ana Kulak
Mr. Marshall Kwait
Konyong Kwak and Maude Kwak '49
L. Kreg Kyle '89
Kirby Lackey '57 and Mary Lackey
Mrs. Beatrice Lambert
Thomas D. Laney '64 and Elisa West Laney '64
Richard Lang '80 and Stephanie Lang
Kerry H. Lawson
James H. Lee and Linda Gilliam Lee '68
Kirby Leeson ex '50 and Dolores Leeson
Nancy A. LeMay '70
Wade Levrets and Elizabeth Levrets
Leigh Lewis '99
Ruth Lindstrom and Alan Lindstrom
Reverend Luster Lockett '53
Lana Lollar '82 and Steve Lollar
Ron London and Jerry E. Herring London '57
Ann-Marie Lopez '00 and Michael Lopez
Mike Louis and Mary Louis
Marisa Luttrell '01
Jane Mallon
Daniel Manson and Pam Manson
Gene R. Marcum ex '55
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Marr
Mr. Rob Marsh
Oscar Marshall '79 and Kathy Marshall
Steve Martin and Kelly Martin
G. Wayne Mason '60
Ray Mayo and Janet McMullen Mayo '71
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McBride
Carol McClellan '60
Heather L. McClure '10
Don McCormick '68 and Marilyn Jones McCormick '67
Dr. Kelly L. McCoun
Janet McCowen '79 and David McCowen
Reverend Grady P. McCullough '50 and Joan S. Wurgler McCullough ex '51
Matthew McGlaun '12
Dr. Donald W. McLaren '74 and Carol McLaren
Virginia G. Rogers McNeely '52
Bobby G. Medford Sr. and Kathryn A Medford
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. Meek
Ralph Meixner '69
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Melton
Cres E. Merrell '73 and Cynthia Merrell
Kellie D. Merritt '04
Mr. and Mrs. Kent W. Meyer
Dennis S. Miller and Kathleen K. Miller
Dorthy M. Patton Miller '61
Lindsay Minter
Jessica C. Mix '12
Ralph E. Mollet and Gaylen Mollet
Mr. and Mrs. Myrl Moore
S. M. Moore and Portia Moore
Judy D. Moore
M. Morgan
Clovis C Morrisson
Kathi L. & Larry Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Mosier
James Moss '67 and Judy Moss
Mrs. Chelsea Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. George L Murray Jr.
Max Murrell and Jane O. Murrell '68
Mr. and Mrs. James Nagel
Theresa Naldoza '07
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nash
Karin M. Stone Natowitz '68
Barbara McAlester Nelson '58
Michele Nims '15
James Nunn '79 and Mary Nunn '79
Sara Ogle '15 and Christopher Ogle '15
Eric M. Olson '11
Kelcee Ortiz '13
Katy D. O'Shields '09
Robert J. Ostercamp '72
Douglas R. Otto and Melanye Otto
Guadalupe Sal Palacio III '05
Chad Parker
Michael Pate '00 and January Pate '01
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Patek
Deana Perez '13
TSGT Modesto L. Perez '98 (Ret.) and Penny Perez
Judith Phaneuf
Robert Phillips and Anita L. Phillips '60
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Pilcher
Brian L. Pitts '06 and Amanda Justice Pitts '05
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Platt
Josh W. Poorman '09 and Kimberly B. Poorman '09
Mr. James D. Poplin
Ellen D. Powell '03
Profitable Investment Enterprise
Dale Pulliam and Verne Pulliam
Charles D. Ramage and Fran Ramage
Mr. William Randell
Andy Reece '81 and Teri Reece
Cynthia Reed '76
William Reilly '12
Sarah E. Reyna '04
Wayne Richardson and Myrna L. Corum Richardson ex '58
Mary R. Roberson
Dr. James R. "Jimmy" Roberts '88 and Jennifer Roberts
Gail Robertson '82
Annemarie Rodriguez '89
Nita Janell Eads Roy '70
Mr. Mark E Rubio
Harold B. Rucker '54
Paul C. Sackett '61
John H. Sage '72
Patricia Salinas '84
Marcus Sanchez '11
Ms. Amy Santana
Gloria Sauceda '82 and Ignacio Sauceda
Gilbert Saucedo '08 and Tiffany Saucedo
Diana Saville '89
Louis Schneider and Catherine Ann Bynum Schneider '59
Dr. Richard E. Schofield and Jane A. Schofield
Major Charles J. Schwertner (Ret.) '88
Mary Scott '14
Virgil G. Sears '49 and Anna J. Knox Sears '49
Timothy R. Sechrist '01 and Jori A. Coll Sechrist '01
Donald R. Settle and Margaret E. Settle '76
Sam B. Shaffer '14
Clyde Simeroth and Olga Anspach Simeroth '66
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Simpson
Hunter Sims '07 and Shannon Sims '09
Mark E. Smith '88
Marvin Smith
Emily Reilly Smith '51
Gerald Smith '60 and Peggy Smith
Marsha L. Buck Smith '76
Ms. Andrea Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Smithson
Gloria G. Snell '99
Lindsey L. Sobehrad '11
Mr. Jay Spence
Wanda Smith Spence '46
James Spivey
Jerry R. Spurlin '64 and Marjorie L. Goforth Spurlin '64
Dr. and Mrs. Bob L. Stafford
Holly D. Stallcup '09
Kristina Stallcup '02
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stanfield
Charles and Marilyn Stanley
Major Lee R. Stanley '81 (Ret.)
Natalie Stansell McDaniel '08
Mr. and Mrs. James Stebbins
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Stitzer
Makenzie Stone '14
Mary Fran Stricker '79
Erin Strickland '15
Ms. Shari Summers
Rev. Samuel E. Tabor '89
Mrs. Frances Tackel
Mrs. Sara Tarvin
Jerry Tate '59
Kimberly Tate '07 and Paul Tate '07
Matt Tate and Jamelynn Tate
Sarah Terry
Joe N. Thomas and Laurel E. Gracey Thomas '62
Franchot Thomas
Mike R. Thomasson '63 and Dee Ann Lundgren Thomasson '64
Dr. Jessica L. Thompson '99
Kimberly Tribou '04
Nora Trueblood-Adams
Louann Trull
Gretchen G. Tucker '77
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ulrich
Atanasio Valadez '07 and Mary Valadez
Mr. Miguel Vasquez
Jack F. Vaughan and Carol A. Vaughan ex '58
Nancy Vaughn '51
Eugene Vidaurri
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Vines
Lindsey Vines
Michael Von Ende-Becker '16
Brenda Waldrum '71 and Joe Waldrum
Elizabeth Ann Waller
Dr. Mark Waters
Terri Waters '73 and Randall Waters '78
Pat K. Watkins '57
Kyra Weaver '13 and Mark Weaver
Clark D. Webb '67
Dr. Anne K. Webb
Vida B. White '60
Dr. Orlie H. White '55 and Claudine F. Hamner White '57
Larry D. White '58
Paul C. White and Margaret White
Mrs. Jana White
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Whitlock
Barb Wiedlund
David R. Wilcox '12
Stephanie Williams '95 and Scott Williams
A. L. Williamson and JoAnn Williamson '52
David Willis '11
Kevin Wilson and Janice L. Jones Wilson '89
Russell V. Wise '72 and Wendy L. Hackler Wise '68
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Woody
Carnelius Yates '80 and Brenda Yates
Jeremiah Young
Nancy Ann Henry Zachry '61