Dean Long

The Benefits of Curiosity

from Dean K. O. Long

Are you curious? Is your curiosity just about the McMurry School of Business, or does it extend to things in general? If you want to know more about McMurry’s School of Business, we can answer your questions; however, as you take business courses, you’ll find that we don’t answer all of your questions. In fact, the response to some of your questions may be other questions, because we want to encourage your curiosity.

Employers want employees and managers who know how to think. They are looking for people who can recognize the issues and solve the problems. Business owners need to have the same abilities. As a business student, you’ll be introduced to concepts in accounting, management, finance and marketing, among others. You will consider legal and ethical issues, as well. You can acquire a set of skills, but your curiosity will help you make the connection between classroom discussions and application in real business situations.

Many small universities can offer classes with individual attention from instructors. What makes McMurry different? In my opinion, there are several factors: the expertise of our faculty, many of whom have actual business and corporate experience; our Business Core and concentration courses; our business internship program; opportunities to study abroad with our London courses; and our capstone course, Strategic Management.

Take a look at the School of Business website and our course offerings. Please contact us if you need further information. If you are planning to visit the campus, we would be happy to meet with you. Thanks for being curious about the McMurry School of Business, and we look forward to the opportunity to extend your curiosity.

Best wishes,

K. O. Long, J. D.
Dean, School of Business