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     McMurry University is among a select number of American universities that offers its students the opportunity to obtain first-hand money management experience, through the operation of a Student Managed Investment Fund.  The student managed fund at McMurry is further distinguished by its size, since McMurry students manage a fund valued at $1,000,000.

    The McMurry Board of Trustees allocated $1,000,000 from the University’s endowment, to fund a portfolio of domestic equities, entirely assembled and managed by McMurry Business students.  Students can attain such a unique opportunity within a two-semester sequence of senior-level Finance classes, designed around the forward-thinking concept of hands-on, experiential learning.   Following an application process, students accepted into the courses research stocks for purchase, and make presentations to the class about their findings.  Decisions to purchase stocks for the portfolio, or to sell stocks in the portfolio, are made by the class members.  The courses are taught by Bob Kuzma and Jared Reynolds of the Business faculty.

    "The School of Business at McMurry emphasizes practical application. We work hard to provide students with a practical skill set that they need in order to succeed in the business world,” said Mr. Reynolds. “The Student Managed Investment Fund will provide students with extensive money management experience."

      Mr. Kuzma adds, “This class will guide the student fund managers in forming a framework of financial goals involved in fund management.  These goals include the risk-return tradeoff, liquidity of the fund, the preservation of capital and a competitive return.”

      There is no substitute for this type of valuable, “real-world” experience for students interested in portfolio and investment management and the financial services industry.

student investment fund
Jared Reynolds, Zach Ryan, Tyler Prideaux, Connor Davis, Kyle Davidson, Bob Kuzma 


The School of Business is currently making preparations for International Management and International Marketing courses in London, during January, 2013.  Students and faculty will leave in early January to participate in business site visits in London, England.  During those visits, students will meet with representatives of selected businesses to hear presentations and to discuss issues related to international management and international marketing.  The members of the group will return prior to the beginning of the Spring semester.   



The School of Business has a team of Business Student Advocates, a group of McMurry students, who serve as representatives of the School of Business at functions that occur on and off campus.  Members of the group are chosen by the business faculty on criteria such as:  classroom performance; campus and community involvement; acceptance of responsibility; individual initiative; and ability to function as a member of the team.  These students participate in various events; School of Business Advisory Board meetings; and assisting with prospective students.



Bank of America, London 2011

 A group of McMurry students and faculty traveled to London, England, on January 6, 2011, as a requirement for Business, History, and Religion courses being offered during the Spring semester.  The spouses of faculty members, along with members of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Abilene, traveled with the group, which totaled 19.  Participating McMurry students included Chase Bellah, Curtis Crocker, Chase Lynch, Halee McDermett, Elizabeth Morris, Rebecca Overton, Kelli Porter, Becky Wilcox, Lindsey Williams, and Tony Williams.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Ann Spence, Dr. Alicia Wyatt, Mr. Bill Libby and Dr. K. O. Long of the McMurry faculty.

Prior to the trip, business students researched the companies to be visited.  In London, students and faculty made site visits to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Lloyd's Insurance Market, Whole Foods Market, and American Airlines, where company representatives made formal presentations on issues related to international marketing and international management.  The students also visited the Museum of the Bank of England.  In addition to the business courses, classes in Roman London and Wesley in London were also offered.  Members of the group attended church at Wesley's Chapel in East London, then walked a portion of the Roman wall and visited the Museum of the City of London.

While in London, the students took advantage of opportunities such as:  the Tower of London; Westminister Abbey; the British Museum; the Imperial Ware Museum and Holocaust Museum; and the London theaters.

The entire group toured the Palace of Westminister and the Houses of Parliament.  During a day trip to Paris, they went to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, and the Louvre Museum.  The group returned to Texas on January 14th.                     


A team of McMurry graduating seniors, recently tied for first place worldwide in the Business Strategy Game, which is a primary component of the Strategic Management capstone course in the School of Business.  Martin Byram, Kimberly Meyer, and Lincoln Smith comprised Team Endurance, which consistently ranked among the top 100 global teams during the Fall, 2010, semester.  At the conclusion of the competition, Team Endurance tied with eight other teams for the number one ranking in the world.

The Business Strategy Game is a computer simulation that involves the management and operation of a business over a period of years.  This semester, over 3,700 teams from 259 colleges and universities across the United States, and around the world, participated in the simulation, which involved the athletic shoe industry.

As a result of their outstanding accomplishment, Team Endurance was invited to participate in the Business Strategy Invitational, an intense 10-day competition between the worldwide top-ranked teams.  All three members of Team Endurance are December graduates of the School of Business.  Martin Byram and Kimberly Meyer obtained BBA degrees in General Business, while Lincoln Smith received a BBA in Computer Information Systems.

Dr. Pat Lapoint who teaches the Strategic Management course, noted that no other McMurry team in history of the simulation has ever achieved such an outstanding performance.


Team Endurance, Fall 2011


 Heritage & Cultural Tourism Collage

The School of Business, in conjunction with the Department of History from the School of Social Sciences and Religion, offers a concentration for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree focusing on Heritage and Cultural Tourism.  This concentration differs from other programs in hospitality management at other universities.  It represents an interdisciplinary approach to providing business and history students with an additional opportunity for application of their classroom learning.  This business concentration is offered in recognition of the growing interest in the tourism industry, specifically tourism related to heritage and cultural issues, coupled with the knowledge that operation of facilities requires a solid business background.

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