Secondary Certificates Grades 8 through 12

Secondary Certificates Grades 8 through 12 and
All Levels Certificates

This option is for students planning to teach in secondary schools grades 8 through 12. This option is also for students who are seeking all-levels certification in those fields which require an all-levels certificates. The options for Secondary teaching fields are listed below.

Teaching Field Certification
Art All Levels
**Business Basic 8-12
**Composite Social Studies
**Computer Information Systems 8-12
Computer Science 8-12
English Language Arts 8-12
History 8-12
Life Sciences 8-12
Mathematics 8-12
**Music Choral 8-12
Physical Science 8-12
Physical Education All Levels
**Music Instrumental 8-12
Social Studies 8-12
**Spanish 8-12
Technology Applications 8-12
Theatre Arts 8-12

Required Courses:
C I 2110
READ 3332
C I 3301
C I 3302
C I 4402
C I 4304
Six hours student teaching based on area of preparation.