The McMurry Biology Department is committed to cultivating the knowledge & skills necessary for our graduates to be successful in the biological sciences.  The department offers a broad selection of courses designed to prepare students for careers in the allied health fields, ecological & environmental sciences, & science education.  

McMurry Biology offers three programs:

•  BS in Biology (animals, plants, ecology, environment)
•  BS in Biomedical Science (cells, microbes, human health and disease)
•  BS in Life Sciences (general biology)

McMurry Biology has faculty with expertise in:

•  vertebrate animals (Brant)
•  plants (Saghatelyan)
•  human anatomy (Sharp)
•  microbiology (Benoit)
•  bacteriology (Wilson)
•  Molecular biology(Banks)

•  McMurry Biology also oversees the Geography and Geoscience Program. Its page can be accessed here.