Why McMurry Biology Programs?

•  Professors teach your labs - not TAs!
•  Small classes, friendly people.  We care about the success of our students!

•  Our grads are successful in med/dent/vet/PT schools and graduate  programs
•  Our students get hands-on experience in the field and in the lab.  They've collected invertebrates in China,   trapped mammals in west Texas, compared plant distribution around the world, sequenced and cloned genes, studied food safety, and participated in cancer research.  What do you want to do in your regular college courses?
•  Get your McMurry B.S. degree and D.D.S. from UTHSC-San Antonio Dental School in just 7 years through the 3+4 Dental Early Admission Program

BS in Biology

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•  A look at the  traditional approach to the study of biology and nature
•  Focus: animals, plants, ecology, and the environment
•  Field trips more comman than lab work
•  Careers in wildlife research, ecology, environmental studies, and natural history 

BS in Biomedical Science

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•   Human biology and disease frame the study of biology
•   Focus: Cells, molecular biology, disease and new health breakthroughs
•   Emphasis is on development of marketable hands-on lab skills for a variety of fields
•   Careeers in biotech, health research, microbiology, forensics, genomic, and genetics

BS in Life Sciences

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•  A broad approach encompassing the best of both Biology and Biomedical Science
•  Focus: animals, plants, ecology, cells AND human biology
•  Balance between lab and field work suited for those seeking a general biology experience AND designed to prepare exceptional biology teachers

Want more Information? Contact:

Dr. Larry Sharp, Biology Student Recruitment