McMurry Chemistry - Instrumentation & Facilities

Chemistry & Biochemistry Facilities & Instrumentation

 Science Building
Finch-Gray Science Center (“Science Building”)
The science building houses the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, along with geosciences, on the second floor, and the Department of Biology and Physics on the first floor.  The building was built in 1967 and saw extensive renovation of the first floor in 2010.  Along with classrooms and teaching labs, research space is also extensively utilized.


(Shimadzu RF-5301PC)
-computer driven with a Neslab RTE-100 cooler/heater circulator for cell temperature control.
 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
(Varian EM360A)
(Anasazi Eft-60)
-60 MHz (permanent)
 FT Infrared Spectrometer FT Infrared Spectrometer
(Nicolet 380)
 Ultraviolet-Visible Absorption Spectrometer Ultraviolet-Visible Absorption Spectrometer
(Beckman DU 7400)
-diode array detector
 Electroanalytical apparatus (BASi)  Electroanalytical apparatus (BASi)
-controlled growth mercury electrode
-cell stand for cyclic voltammetry and other measurements
 Gas Chromatograph Gas Chromatograph
(Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II Plus)
 Centrifuge Centrifuge
(Beckman Avanti 30)
-high speed
 Biological Sterile Hood Biological Sterile Hood
-Class II type A
 Floor Centrifuge Floor Centrifuge
(International Centrifuge)
-an oldie but goodie workhorse!

-modern version of TLC, preparatory

 EasyPure II Water System EasyPure II Water System
-produces HPLC grade water for our HPLC system
 High Performance Liquid Chromotagraphy (HPLC) High Performance Liquid Chromotagraphy (HPLC)
-Dual ProStar 210 solvent delivery modules with 10ml/min pump heads
-Equipped with UV-photodiode array, fluorescence, and refractive index detectors and a fraction collector

(Milestone START)
-heats reactions directly via microwave radiation instead of water bath or heating mantle

 Schlenk Line Schlenk Line
-Double manifold (inert gas and vacuum) that allows for easy manipulation of air-sensitive compounds.
 UV-vis spectrophotometer

UV-vis spectrophotometer
(Cary / Varian)
-older but excellent instrument
-double beam