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Audition 2013-2014
By appointment

Audition Procedure

To audition for a scholarship, and/or to be accepted into the music program as a major or minor, follow the procedure below. For complete details of all of the scholarships offered by McMurry's Music Department, click here.

1. Prepare two contrasting pieces or songs:

Instrumentalists: All-State tryout music or Solo and Ensemble repertoire is ideal, but anything that shows your ability is acceptable. You may also be asked to play some major scales and to sight read.

Vocalists: Prepare songs that would be performed at Solo and Ensemble, or other music from the standard vocal repertoire. You will also be asked to sight-sing a simple melody or hymn.

2. To schedule an audition, contact:

David Robinson
Director of Bands

Dr. David Wallis,
Director of Choral Activities

Music Scholarships

McMurry's Music Department offers a number of different scholarships, including departmental performance scholarships and several special endowed scholarships. Performance scholarships can be awarded to any student, regardless of his or her major, for participation in choir or band, and approximately half of the students currently involved in choir and band receive a performance scholarship. To compete for a performance award, students must audition for the music faculty. For endowed scholarships, students must both audition and meet other special requirements associated with each scholarship.

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