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Students accepted into The TEXAS Semester will be housed (click picture for a link to a gallery of the house) among the facilities of the Texas Frontier Heritage and Cultural Center at either the Parsonage Guest House or the Boone House.   Both homes have kitchens, high speed wireless internet, and access to a swimming pool; and are conveniently located right across the street from the Buffalo Gap Historic Village, the headquarters for the program.

The Parsonage is a 1925 Bungalow style house with two bedrooms, a spare guest room, a living area, dining area, and kitchen/utility room.  Restored and renovated in 2007, it has served as a guest house for many distinguished visitors.  It’s ready for move-in, January 2011.

The Boone House is perhaps the oldest home in Taylor County, Texas.  Built in 1879 as a Gothic Revival style from commercial blueprints, it was a common design for its era.  In fact, Ike’s childhoom home in the Eisenhower Birthplace State Park in Dennison, Texas, is almost identical to the Boone House.  These comfortable two-story quarters feature a large porch, game room, parlor, kitchen/utility, and dining room.  Like the parsonage, it also has high speed internet and access to a pool.  Currently being restored and remodeled, the Boone House should be ready for company by the fall of 2011.

The histories of both of these houses can be read by visiting the website of the Texas Frontier Heritage and Cultural Center,

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