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The TEXAS Semester

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 Study Abroad--in Texas! 
The TEXAS Semester on FacebookThe TEXAS Semester is a journey of physical and intellectual dimensions. Texans feel a spiritual connection to the land; one can’t understand why without experiencing the vastness and diversity of our landscape. Weekly trips from Abilene directed by our professors are a crucial component of the curriculum. Then, the semester concludes with an epic road trip, a three-week tour of the state’s geographic regions, including visits to historic sites, archival repositories, natural wonders, and some of the state’s finest restaurants. Leading authorities provide access and expertise about which tourists can only dream. If you possess the requisite drive, dedication, and imagination, The TEXAS Semester will provide an adventure to last a lifetime. The road will be long, the demands many and stringent. We limit enrollment to ten highly qualified participants. Faculty mentors seek to create a close-knit community and life-long associations. Those who complete the instruction are equipped to enjoy a long-term participation in the life of Texas, to fill key positions in politics, public policy, business, and education. When we say this journey is demanding, believe us. This is not a program for whiners, slackers, or prima donnas. Bring blue jeans and come ready to work. Those selected for the journey will earn their pride. Those who finish it will have earned their spurs—and their swagger.

McMurry University is currently accepting applications for Spring Semester.

Located in Abilene, we are within convenient driving distance of many of the state’s leading attractions.

More than routine class work, The TEXAS Semester is a wholly immersive experience.
The ten participants will receive up to eighteen hours of university credit.
Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive certification in Texas history and culture.
Those unable to fit in the entire semester may apply to participate in the culminating three-week Grand Tour of Texas.
Texas Stars
Tommy Jones Quote
Those of us at McMurry University agree with San Saba native and award-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones. We believe it is essential to understand one’s place in the world. Ours is Texas. An epic history, a diverse geography, and various peoples shaped this wild and wonderful state—and a distinctive culture. To appreciate it in all its grandeur and complexity requires conscientious inquiry—and that’s what we do at The TEXAS Semester. If Texas is your place, or you always wished it were, we may have a place for you.
Texas Stars
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You’ll find the frontier alive and well in Texas: frontiers in science and technology; frontiers in spirit and imagination; frontiers in learning and opportunity. Texans have always believed that if we can dream it, we can build it. Yet the state is changing in ways unimaginable even a decade ago. At The TEXAS Semester we do not assert that Texans are better than other people. But we do proclaim, in voices loud and clear, that we are different than other people. We study, teach, explore, explain, and celebrate those differences. While embracing the latest technologies and with an eye fixed firmly on the future, we have created a place where the past can breathe.
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