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Children of the Sun

Kids in shanty town school
For the past four years, my scholarly work has been concentrated on conducting international research in Latin America.  In 2004, I began gathering information on a subculture known as Niños de la Calle (the Street Children) in Latin America. I worked in ten different states inside Mexico, analyzing the problems of homelessness, social development, child labor, drug use, and criminal behavior. I returned to Mexico in 2005 to conduct further research into this phenomenon in Cuernevaca, a city approximately fifty miles outside Mexico City.

Kids in shanty town schoolIn 2006, I traveled to Peru to further investigate children who lived in poverty, as well as those emigrant families that moved to shanty towns in Lima from rural villages and peasant farms. I also conducted research work in Cusco, as well as several rural communities around Limitambo, in the Andes Mountains.

This research project was completed with the awarding of several grants. In 2005, I received a Sam Taylor Award to complete my research in Mexico, and received the award again in 2006 to finish the research in Peru.  The Kiva Fellowship was also made available for the Mexico research project.

The book about this research project has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in Britain. It is entitled Children of the Sun: An Ethnographic Study of the Street Children of Latin America.
Jerry Hollingsworth

Close up in Cuzco