Department of Sociology
Major in Sociology
Achievement of the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in sociology requires a total of 30 hours in sociology in addition to the overall McMurry general education requirements. These are as follows:

SOC 2300: American Society
SOC 3300: Social Research
SOC 3310: Social Theory
SOC 3330: Social Stratification
SOC 3350: Race and Ethnicity
SOC 3370: Gender and Society
SOC 4392: Seminar in Sociology

9 hours from SOC electives, MATH 3351

The major also requires a minor in another field and one year of a foreign language at the college level.

Minor in Sociology

The minor in sociology consists of 18 hours of SOC electives, at least 12 hours of which must be at the advanced level.

Minor in Criminology

The minor in criminology consists of the following 18 hours of coursework:

SOC 2375: Crime and Society
SOC 3315: Criminology

12 hours from SOC 3335, 3345, 3375, 4325, 4335, 4385, 4X95

Honors in Sociology

Admission to the honors program in sociology requires completion of at least 60 hours of college work; a GPA of 3.25 both overall and in sociology; completion of 15 hours of sociology courses; and eligibility for membership in Alpha Kappa Delta, the sociology honor society.  Students will complete SOC 4X96: Honors Tutorial, and SOC 4X97: Senior Thesis.