Department of Sociology
Dr. Wallace in action
Sociology at McMurry

The Department of Sociology is oriented toward preparing students to: (1) understand the structure and issues of contemporary society, (2) discover that the individual both reacts to as well as creates the social world, (3) use sociological concepts, insights, and methods in a systematic fashion, (4) experience a discipline which has practical significance, (5) continue graduate training in sociology, and (6) find employment in various social service fields.

Criminology: In addition to the regular major and minor, the sociology department also offers a minor in criminology. This is especially useful for students seeking  future careers in law enforcement as well as those interested in studying the context of the American criminal justice system. For the criminal details, click here.

The Department of Sociology is part of the MicroCase Curriculum Plan which offers unprecedented access to social science datasets. In particular, MicroCase has annual general social survey data from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC). Each spring semester NORC sponsors a student paper competition.

American Sociological Association Department Affiliate (ASA): The professional society for sociologists is the American Sociological Association. Since the Department is an affiliate of ASA, it keeps students abreast of what the profession is doing. ASA Publications like Embarking on a Career with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology and Guide to Graduate Programs are received each year.

Sociology Club: The Sociology Club is open to all students who are majoring or minoring in sociology. Its intent is to promote study of social life, to enhance the relationship between sociology students and the human services agencies of our society, and to encourage fellowship among sociology students.

Alpha Kappa Delta: The Phi chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), an international sociology honor society, was chartered at McMurry in 1990. The objective of AKD is to promote interest in the study of sociology and the research of social problems. AKD sponsors a paper competition that inductees can participate in each year.

Departmental Awards: Awards are presented to outstanding majors at all levels. A freshman may be awarded the Robert Dean Bouldin Endowed Scholarship. The Jane Adams Award is given to the best sophomore. A junior will receive the Everett and Orabeth Woods Scholarship. An outstanding senior major is given the Emile Durkheim Award, while another could receive the Abilene Regional Mental Health Retardation Award for Excellence in the Behavioral or Social Sciences.

Departmental Honors: Students may pursue departmental honors in Sociology. The general requirements for can be found here.