Developmental Education

Developmental education courses are designed to facilitate the academic development of students at McMurry University. These courses assist students wishing to obtain the attitudes and the additional academic preparation necessary for university success. Students whose academic placement results indicate a need for pre-college development in math, reading, or writing, must register for and continually enroll in the corresponding developmental education course(s) until they are passed with a grade of "C-" or better. Students must meet this requirement before enrolling in the corresponding academic classes.

Developmental education courses (with the exception of ACAD 1210) do not satisfy any degree requirements, other than preparation for college-level courses. They do not count for elective credit and may not be applied toward total hours in a degree.


ACAD 1013D  Academic Literacy I (3-0) This course is designed to help students strengthen deficits in reading comprehension skills.  Various techniques in developing vocabulary, determining main ideas, increasing reading speed, and other pertinent topics will be included in this course. (Fall as needed)

ACAD 1023D Academic Literacy II (3-0) Prerequisites:  Appropriate score on reading placement test, or completion of ACAD 0300 with a grade of "C-" or better.  Developmental Reading II is designed to prepare students to read college texts.  Emphasis is placed on learning and applying study-reading strategies essential to success in academic courses.  This course will include written and oral responses to reading materials in both individual, small group, and whole group environments.  (Fall, Spring as needed)

ACAD 1210  Strategies for Learning (2-0) Strategies for Learning is a practical course designed to assist students in the acquisition and application of skills and attitudes necessary to reach their educational goals and to succeed in the university setting.  Some out-of-class academic development activities may be required.  Elective credit.  (Fall, Spring)

ENGL 1041D  Writing Mechanics (1-0) This course covers the basic principles of grammatical structure and punctuation.  Recommended for those needing or desiring more training in English grammar and usage. * Laboratory time may be required.  (Fall, Spring)

ENGL 1013D  Introduction to Composition I (3-1) The study of, and extensive practice in, process writing with emphasis on the basic elements of an effective essay, including work on mechanical skills.  Recommended for those needing or desiring more training before taking ENG 1310. * Laboratory time is required.  (Fall, and Spring as needed)

ENGL 1023D Introducation to Composition II (3-1) The study of, and extensive practice in, process writing with emphasis on the basic elements of an effective essay, including work on mechanical skills. * Laboratory time is required. (Fall, Spring as needed)

MATH 1013D  Introductory Algebra (3-1) Curriculum includes elementary algebra including properties and operations of real numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, factoring, solving linear equations and equalities, quadratic equations, and the coordinate plane and graphing. * Upon successful completion of MATH 0320, the student will be enrolled in MATH 0330.  Laboratory time is required.  (Fall, Spring)

 MATH 1023D  Intermediate Algebra (3-1) Prerequisite: Successful completion of MATH 0320 Introductory Algebra or demonstrated mastery of the concepts covered in MATH 0320.  Module 1 in the Accelerated College Algebra series includes a review of introductory algebra concepts, quadratic equations, factoring, rational expressions, complex fractions, roots, radicals, absolute value equations and inequalities, and functions. * Upon successful completions of MATH 0330, the student will be enrolled in MATH 1311.  Laboratory time is required.  (Fall, Spring, and Summer as needed)

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