Dyess Information Sheet

Welcome!!  We are happy to have you enrolled as a student at McMurry University.  This webpage contains basic information regarding our services.  We encourage you to visit our website at www.mcm.edu for more information.


The Dyess Director is initially your advisor.  In time, you will be assigned a new advisor in your major field. If you change your major, or if you would like to request a different advisor than the one assigned to you, please stop by the Academic Advising Office, the Registrar’s Office, or the Dyess Base Office for a Major/Minor Request Card and update any changes you would like to make.

As a new student, you will receive a complete evaluation of your possible transfer courses when you initially register for classes.  Depending on your individual situation and choice of major/minor, etc., you may also receive an unofficial degree plan.

You may request updated Degree Audits from the Registrar’s office each semester if you have selected a major and minor or teaching field (if required).  A copy of your Degree Audit is also available for your Advisor to review.  In order for your Degree Audit to be visible on Campus Connect, you must first request one through the Registrar’s Office or Dyess Director using appropriate form.


     Beginning and End Dates of Semester

Unit Cost: $250 per credit hour (special military rate when using TA)

Number of Credit Hours/Units

Indicate if TA is for CCAF or Civilian University Degree Plan

Once approval obtained (generally 1-2 days), sign TA electronically and provide a copy of the form (Form 1227 with official insignia in right corner) to the McMurry-Dyess Office.  Email copy to: kwallace@mcm.edu



Students have 5 days after the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to drop or add a class.  If a class is dropped after the 5th class day, you will be charged the full amount for the class.  No classes can be added after the 5th class day.  (3 class days for  Subterms; 1 class day for Subterm (May) term)



Student ID Cards are used for a variety of services and athletic events on campus. You will keep the same card each year. Cards are available at no charge (for the first card). Parking Permits for your vehicle are required to park in the campus parking areas. You must provide your license plate number, driver’s license number, and student ID number in order to receive a parking permit.  Both of these services are available at no charge at Student Affairs located in President Residence Hall, Southside 1st floor. Call 325.793.4680  to schedule an appointment from 9:00 am to noon or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.


The bookstore is located in the Campus Center.  Books are usually available the week prior to the beginning of classes for each semester.  If your registration is complete (as determined by the Business Office), it is possible to begin charging books to your account on the Monday before the first day of classes.  Please keep receipts for all books purchased as they are needed for returns/exchanges.  Some books may be available for rental and/or online.

Bookstore Hours Monday-Friday  8 a.m.—5:00 p.m.        325.793.4832 McMurrybookstore.com


General student parking is available north of Radford, in the lot west of the Campus Center, and in the paved lot on Sayles Boulevard by Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  YOU MAY PARK IN ANY SPACE NOT MARKED “Faculty/Staff Parking Only”.


Please contact the Move Program 325.793.4901 located in the library Room 112.  As part-time students, there is no charge to check out a tablet to use for one semester if needed.  

Go to www.mcm.edu and Click Academics from menu select Online Education.  From browser URL is: http://www.mcm.edu/newsite/web/e-learning/online/index.htm


McMurry University Accounts allow you web access for email, online coursework and other services.

My MCM is a portal where you can login to access many services such as Moodle, Campus Connect,my menu

Email, Student Evaluations, Course Schedule, Bookstore and Library. 

1.  Go to the McMurry Website at mcm.edu
2.  From the menu select Current Students
3.  Select MY MCM (this takes you to the portal page)
4.  Type your Username which is generally lastname.firstname).
5.  Your initial password is your Student ID Number (no dashes/spaces)

Once logged into the portal (My McM), you can access from menu

(see graphic for all options)

Select Email to access your email account. 

NOTE:  Username is generally lastname.firstname.

Your initial password is Student ID Number. 

Your email address is generally your lastname.firstname@students.mcm.edu.

Passwords must be changed every 60 days.

Select Logon to Moodle to access online or traditional courses.

NOTE:  You can access Moodle directly by typing the following URL

 in your browser: http://moodle.mcm.edu

 Select Campus Connect to view unofficial transcripts and grades.

NOTE:  Login using your Student ID and PIN (your birthdate (mmddyyyy no slashes or dashes)

Questions regarding Campus Connect, call the Registrar 325.793.3888.

Select Course Schedule to see complete class schedules (Campus, Dyess and Online).

Having Technical Difficulties?

If you experience technical problems, contact the McMurry Help Desk at 325.793.4900 or help@mcm.edu.

For Moodle assistance (online/traditional courses), contact 325.793-4987 or dunnam.vicki@mcm.edu.

IMPORTANT:  For security purposes calls to the Help Desk must be made by the student.


McMurry University has recently adopted a new notification system, McM Alert, that enables the university to send urgent news to students/parents/staff via their cell phones. When you sign up for the service, the university can text you with timely information about emergencies, weather warnings, or class cancellations.  Depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages, but there is no charge from the university to use the service.  Please visit our website at www.mcm.edu to sign up for this service. 

McMurry-Dyess AFB Program:  Academic/Tuition Deployment Policies</p> <p class=">McMurry University is proud of its over 50 year partnership with Dyess Air Force Base.  Through the years, the University has helped active duty members with the cost of higher education.  Military members attending college classes have, as their first priority, military responsibilities.  These may include a short tour of duty (TDY), an unplanned deployment, or a transfer/change of station (PCS) before the semester ends.  In recognition of this, below are policies which guide the University and the Education Center when these duties interfere with coursework.

Military members, as students, are encouraged to identify themselves to the instructors on the first day of class and explain that there may be times that require their absence.#160; This is particularly important if students know in advance of an upcoming military commitment.  This gives both the instructor and student the opportunity to “work something out” if possible.  Members who need to be out of the classroom for a week or more are encouraged to speak with the instructors to make up the coursework.  At times if may be feasible to do assignments in advance.

When a longer TDY or deployment is involved, the preferred choice is to finish the course, if at all possible

The logistics are between the instructor and student, and in some cases, involve the Director of the Program and/or a distant Education Center.  Email, faxes, internet connection, mail to a Test Proctor, and the like are ways in which the coursework can be completed.  Incomplete grades may be issued with the understanding that the remaining requirements be completed upon return.  (McMurry University requires that an incomplete grade be changed within a month or extended by the  instructor.  The Education Center allows an incomplete grade for one year).


When it is not feasible to continue or complete the course before departure, the aim is to preserve the grade point average (GPA) and to rectify any monetary issues.  Both of these matters can be problematic if proper procedures are not followed.


Established dates for dropping a class for the semester are listed in the current catalog and are followed accordingly.  These include the grade assignment of Withdraw (W), Withdraw Passing (WP), and Withdraw Failing (WF).  Also listed in the current catalog are the Withdrawal from the University and Refund Policies which are used as the guideline for tuition reimbursement.  A copy of orders, if possible, and/or a memo signed by the First Sergeant or Commanding Officer citing the need for the withdrawal is required along with the correct form (drop or  withdrawal) in order to be processed.  The Program Director is the first point of contact, being most familiar with the policies.  The Registrar is contacted in the absence of the Director.  Once these procedures are followed, there should be no problem with the grade point average and the tuition reimbursement.  McMurry University is grateful for our military students’ service and is committed to assisting them in their academic endeavors.

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