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Fall 2011 Online Course Offerings

Aug 17- Dec 20

Click the course link to view important information about the course.

Please note that the instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. The first meeting of online or hybrid Distance Education courses is the first day of the class as specified in the class schedule listing.  For these courses, instructors may drop students who do not log into their Moodle  course and/or complete indicated activities by the third day of classes.

  Course Title
 BA1310    Contemporary Business  Mrs. Ann Spence
Curriculum and Instruction 
 CI3301    Theories of Learning  Dr. Marian Kirk
 CI3302    Inclusive Classroom
 Ms. Melanie Roper
 CI4324    Meth/Mgmt Sec School  Ms. Melanie Roper
Computer Information Systems 
 CIS1315    Computer Fluency   Elizabeth Watson
 DEVS0330    Intermediate Algebra
 Mrs. Amy Riordan
 MATH1311    College Algebra  Mrs. Amy Riordan
 ECED4330   Lang/Acquisition/Development   Dr. Yelena Kosheleva
 HIST4345    Constitution Rights   Dr. Don Frazier
 KINE2211    Coaching/Officiating Football   Mr. Hunter Sims
 KINE2213    Coaching/Officiating Volleyball   Ms. Shannon Higgins
 KINE3100    UIL Rules   Dr. Pug Parris
 KINE3350    Instrutional Strategies Second PE   Dr. Pug Parris

 Principles of Management

 Dr. Pat Lapoint
 MGMT4330    Organizational Behavior  Dr. Pat Lapoint
 MGMT3390    Human Resources Management  Dr. Pat Lapoint
 NURS4399    Clinical Nutrition  S. Kehl
 NURS4370    Lab and Diagnostics  K. Cooper
 READ3334    Read/Lang Arts Multi
 Mrs. Leslie Pantoja
 BIED3334    Read &Lang Arts Multi  Mrs. Leslie Pantoja
 READ3334    Read/Lang Arts Multi
 Dr. Emily Dean
 READ3332    Read Content Area 4-6  Dr. Emily Dean
 READ3342    Read Content Area 8-12  Dr. Emily Dean
 REL1330    Introduction to Christianity  Dr. Bryan Stewart
 PSYC1340    Intro to Psychology
 Dr. Greg Schneller


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