Get to Know McMurry

Areas of Study

School of Arts and Letters
Art/Studio Art* English
English and Writing Multimedia and Graphic Design
Music* Spanish*
Theatre* English Language Arts & Reading *
Greek Art Administration
Music Education
Musical Theatre
Theatre Graphic Design &  Promotion

*Teaching certificates available in Art Education, English Grades 4-8, English Grades 8-12, Music Education, Spanish Grades 8-12, Theatre Education

School of Natural and Computational Sciences
Biochemistry Biology
Biomedical Sciences
Computer Science* Life Science
Mathematics* Physics
Information Technology  
Multimedia Applications

*Teaching certificates available in Computer Sciences Grades 8-12, Mathematics Grades 4-8, Mathematics Grades 8-12

School of Social Sciences and Religion
History* Political Science
Psychology Religion
Criminology Philosophy
Social Studies*

*Teaching certificates available in History Grades 8-12, Social Studies Grades 4-8
School of Business
Business Administration with a concentration in:
Accounting Computer Information Systems
Finance General Business
Management Marketing
Heritage & Cultural Tourism

School of Education
All-level Physical Education Exercise Science & Human Performance
Early Childhood Education Science Grades 4-8
Early Childhood Education w/ Bilingual Education Technology Applications Grades 8-12
Technology Applications Grades 8-12  Life Science Grade 8-12
Social Studies Grades 4-8 Physical Science Grades 8-12
Social Studies Grades 8-12 Business Basic Grades 6-12
Administration of Coaching
Curriculum and Instruction
Exercise and Sports Studies  

School of Nursing

Pre-Professional Programs
Pre-Licensed Athletic Trainer Pre- Occupational Therapy
Pre-Dentistry Pre-Pharmacy
Pre-Engineering Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Law Pre-Veterinary
Pre-Medicine Pre-Ministerial

Honors Program

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