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McMurry student develops GPA calculator Android App

The McMurry University Computer Science department has introduced a new course on programming for the Android platform, the software at the heart of many of today’s smart phones. Janne Herfurth, one of the students taking the course taught by Robbie Watson, is also employed in the McMurry Registrar’s office.

In her work for the registrar, Janne has to calculate student GPA values and has chosen a GPA calculator for her course project. Her calculator speeds and simplifies GPA calculations by automatically converting letter grades such as A- or B+ into the McMurry recognized point equivalents. Course hours are also captured and included in the GPA calculation. This application allows users to review the data to look for data entry errors before accepting the results.

The application will be available for students to use as well. It assists students interested in attending graduate school where they will need a GPA calculated over their in-major course work. Students who have transferred hours to McMurry and want an overall GPA must do their own GPA calculations to obtain an overall GPA figure. Janne’s application makes that job easier by automatically applying McMurry’s policies for calculating GPA. It can also assist students in determining what grades they must obtain in order to reach their GPA goals.


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