Percussion Ensemble
Offered during the fall and spring semesters, percussion ensemble meets twice each week. A concert is performed each semester with the spring concert featuring a renowned guest artist. Performing a wide range of literature and styles, in small chamber groups to large percussion orchestras, this ensemble provides opportunities for students to learn advanced chamber performance skills, percussion ensemble repertoire, extended techniques, and for upper-class students, occasional rehearsing experience as a teaching assistant.
Steel Band

We recently started this group with the acquisition of beautiful new pans from Coyle Drums. The group is integrated with the percussion ensemble, and focuses on pedagogical components to steel band in addition to covering a wide variety of styles.

McMurry University marches one show during the fall semester which allows for more difficult musical arrangements. The percussion parts are written by the percussion instructor, personalized to the current abilities of the players on the line. Students have the opportunity to play keyboard instruments, percussion accessories or traditional battery instruments.
Jazz Band
A big band ensemble, jazz band offers percussionists the chance to improve in multiple styles of performance on drum set, vibraphone, and Latin percussion. Jazz band is offered during the fall and spring semesters, and meets twice a week.
Wind Ensemble

The premier ensemble of the University, this performing venue is offered during the fall and spring semesters by audition only. A concert is performed each semester along with many other feature performances and a yearly tour. This ensemble presents students with opportunities to play a variety of difficult literature in a larger setting.