The Tardigrada Page

If one of the search engines is used to search for tardigrade or Tardigrada, many pages are found.  Some of these pages are constructed by amateurs who have probable never seen an actual specimen.  Some include a SEM photograph taken by Dr. Diane Nelson, usually without her permission and not giving her credit.  But many non-biologists are fascinated with waterbears for one reason or another.  At one time there existed a webpage cataloging a painting of a tardigrade, another with a beer (home brew?) named Tardigrada.  These seem to no longer exist.  But you can still find a webpage containing poetry (Do Not Disturb and Waterbear) and webpages of musicians who have named themselves after tardigrades (Water Bear and The Moss Piglets).  Sometimes you run across reference to tardigrades in some unexpected places like the Sunday comics or Dan Brown’s novel Deception Point.

On this webpage I am providing some links that might be useful:

•Some information on collection and slide making.

The Tardigrada Newsletter.

• An online publication on evidence that tardigrades can transmit phytopathogenic bacteria (see publication by Benoit, Locke, Marks, and Beasley).

• A little information on marine Tardigrada

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