Donald S. Frazier, Ph.D.

Professor of History, McMurry History Department
President and C.E.O., McWhiney Foundation

Dr. Frazier’s favorite spot

Office Location: 410 Appleton, Buffalo Gap, Texas
Office Phone: (325) 793-3861; Cell: 668-6222

Mailing Address:  McM Box 638
Abilene, TX 79697

Courses taught

History 3310: Texas Survey
History 3316: Texas: Statehood to National Prominance
History 3317: Texas: Making of the Texas National Character
History 3352: The Civil War and Reconstruction
History 3375: Mexico
History 4330: The American Frontier
History 4345: Immigration and Diplomacy in American History

Tour 3340: Heritage Tourism

Academic Activities

Texas Frontier Heritage & Cultural Center™
Dr. Frazier’s Vita

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