My Classic Mustang Paddock

This was taken in April of '98 and was the first time all of my cars had been in the same town together. The Buick is the covered car at the back. Click on the images below to go to each cars' page with pictures and descriptions.

"The original". This is my first Mustang and the one I drive daily.

I bought a new 66 Mustang in San Antonio in September of '97. I will be adding more as the restoration progresses.

My third Mustang is a 1965 that I got in March of '98 from relatives in Louisiana. It's only useful as a parts car, but you can't beat the price (~$21 to rent the U-haul trailer to bring it home).

My 1966 Buick Special

I restored this car in the summer of 95. Follow the above link for details and before and after pictures of the exterior.

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