Finance 4310


Course Syllabus

Spring 2000

Instructor Office Hours Text
Robert H. Kuzma MWF 0800-0900 Fundamentals of Investing
Office: Cooke 207 MWF 1000-1100 Gitman, Lawrence J.
Office Phone: 915 793-3854 TR 0930-1200 Addison Wesley
Home Phone 915 692-4078 M 1300-1400  
Optional Reading :A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Malkiel, Buroton G., W.W Norton & Co.
Course Prerequisites: Fin 3340

Course Objectives

This is a first course in investment analysis. As such the focus will be on investment analysis as well as to highlight its use in the practical world and to convey insights of practical value. Subjects covered will include Market Structure, Mutual Funds, Historical Rates of Return and Efficient Markets. Time permitting, we will also cover derivatives (futures and options).

We will use the Virtual Stock Market, a stock trading simulation on the internet, to maintain a practice portfolio. This simulation is very close to managing an actual account using an ‘online broker’. Each student will start with a fictitious $500,000 and construct a portfolio of stocks. The computer will take care of most of the bookkeeping for you so you can concentrate on your investments. This is intended to introduce you to Internet investment procedures. You will be graded on your overall management of the account, not your profits or losses, however, a small bonus will be awarded to the three highest portfolios (3, 2, and 1 extra points).

Test and Grading

Participation 10
Homework 10
Mid-Term Exam 30
Practice Portfolio 20
Comprehensive Exam 30

The participation portion of your grade will reflect class attendance and general participation in class discussions etc. Missed exams will be made up only on the scheduled Business School make up dates.