Finance 3340
Course Syllabus
Spring 2000

Instructor Office Hours Text
Robert H. Kuzma MWF 0800-0900 Business Finance
Office: Cooke 207 MWF 1000-1100 Foundations of Corporate Finance
Office Phone: 915 793-3854 TR 0930-1200 West, 1996
Home Phone 915 692-4078 M 1300-1400 Hickman, Kent, Hunter


Course Prerequisites

Principals of Accounting (I and II) and Economics (I and II) and Statistics are prerequisites for this course.


It is recommended that you have a financial calculator to use throughout the course. Many of the problems require complex arithmetic operations, and a financial calculator is necessary to solve these problems efficiently. This is especially true for exams.

I recommend either an HP or a TI BA-II Plus. I can help you learn these calculators and they both do NPV and IRRs on uneven cash flows. This may not mean much to you now, but it will after the first test. The HP 10B or TI BA-II Plus (preferred) cost about $30 at Service Merchandise, Target etc. Some of the homework assignments also provide an excellent opportunity to use a computerized spreadsheet solution. You are encouraged to use the computer for these assignments whenever possible.

Course Objectives

Test and Grading
Homework 10
2 Tests @ 30 Points Each 60
Comprehensive Final Exam 30
Total 100
  I expect regular class attendance. I realize there are legitimate reasons for some missed classes. These absences will be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Students anticipating authorized absences cannot afford to miss classes for other reasons. Students may be administratively dropped from class due to excessive absences.

Missed exams will be made up on the scheduled Business School make up dates, or as agreed with the instructor.