Finance 3360
Public Finance
Course Syllabus
Spring 2000

Instructor Office Hours Text
Robert H. Kuzma MWF 0800-0900 Public Finance
Office: Cooke 207 MWF 1000-1100 Holcombe, Randal O.
Office Phone: 915 793-3854 TR 0930-1200 West Publishing
Home Phone 915 692-4078 M 1300-1400 (Not Required)

Course Prerequisites: Finance 3340

Course Objectives

  1. the budgeting process,
  2. redistribution programs,
  3. social security, health care,
  4. and national defense.
  5. We will also study the Federal Reserve System and it's activities.
Course Requirements and Grading

This will be a small class, so rather than the traditional lecture, note taking, and memorizing facts, I will expect everyone to participate in a class discussion each class period. The topics covered will be pertinent to the current subject matter, which you should have already read and be familiar with.

Your final grade will be based on your daily participation (an un-excused absence will be a zero in participation for that day), 10%, mid-term exam, 10%, diaries, 40% and presentation, 40%.