Quantitative Methods for Business

Course Syllabus

Spring 2000

Instructor Office Hours Text
Robert H. Kuzma MWF 0800-0900 Quantitative Methods for Business
Office: Cooke 207 MWF 1000-1100 Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, 7th Ed.
Office Phone: 915 793-3854 TR 0930-1200  
Home Phone 915 692-4078 M 1300-1400  


Course Pre-requisites

BA 3370 (Business Statistics).

Course Objectives

Test and Grading
Homework 10
2 tests @ 30 points each 60
Comprehensive Final Exam 30
Total 100
  Class attendance and promptness is important and expected. If you will miss class please let me know, and if you have an excused absence make sure that I am notified. If you miss a test it can be made up on the last Friday of the month or in special cases, by arrangement with me.