Oral presentations consist of a 45--minute presentation followed by a 15-30-minute question-answer session. The nature of the presentation is indicated on the syllabus. You and your team members should assume the role of consultants employed to present your analysis and recommendations to the assigned company’s senior management — (you do NOT have the option of ignoring this assigned role). All team members are expected to make roughly equal contributions to the presentation, both the formal presentation and the Q&A session.

All presentations should incorporate the use of attractive, effective PowerPoint slides, including charts and graphs..

In addition to the factors on the Grading Form, your grade on the presentation will also be based on six factors:

1.   The clarity and thoroughness with which your team identifies and articulates the problems facing the company and the issues which management needs to address.

 2   The caliber (depth and breadth) of your team’s analysis of the company’s situation and demonstrated ability to use the concepts and tools of strategic analysis in a competent fashion.

3.   The breadth, depth, and practicality of your team’s recommendations, degree of detail and specificity of recommended actions, caliber of supporting arguments.

4.   The caliber of your PowerPoint slides.

5.   The degree of preparation, professionalism, energy, enthusiasm, and skills demonstrated in delivering your part of the presentation.

6.   Your personal contributions to your team’s answers to the questions posed by the class—how well you defend and support your team’s analysis and recommendations during the Q&A period. Every team member is expected to answer at least one question posed by the class (or else there is no individual contribution for the instructor to grade!!!!!!!).

Appropriate dress for presenters is business professional. If you are uncertain as to what "business professional" dress is, please ask the professor.