Anyway you look at it, the workload in this course is heavy. The time requirements are fairly significant. Expect to spend 2-3 hours completing each decision for The Business Strategy Game and doing all the analysis and calculations needed to win the competitive battle in the athletic footwear market. A few more hours will be needed the first week in order to get over the start-up learning curve.
Expect to spend 8 to 15 hours (this varies according to your own personal efficiency and skills) doing the written case.

There are  oral team presentations that can take 8-12 hours of preparation time each.

 Then  there are 9 chapters of text material to master.

 And there is the strategic plan.

It all adds up to a bunch of hours (probably more than for some other courses). But don’t let the hours/time requirements intimidate you. All of the assignments that comprise the course aim at (a) improving your grasp of important tools and concepts, (b) enhancing your ability to use and apply them correctly, and (c) sharpening your business decision-making judgment. The course has been deliberately designed to push you to do your best under pressure and to be very real world in terms of what you learn and what you can take with you of practical value as you launch your business career. In a very real way, the entire course is your “final exam” for business school and for being cleared to become a “licensed practitioner of business".