The purpose of written assignments in this course is to provide you with an opportunity to present your ideas and analyses in written form.  One of the most important skills that employers and graduate school programs look for is the ability of that individual to write effectively.  Demonstrated competence in written form enables you to convey positive impressions of your abilities and a strong sense of professionalism.  It is, therefore, important that you write your papers, reports, etc. well.


The following is a list of guidelines for you to use in writing your papers:


1.                  All written work must be typed and double-spaced.  The margins of the papers should be set at 1” on right and left, and 1.5” from the top and 1” from the bottom of the page.

2.                  Paragraphs are to be indented 5 spaces; no extra lines between paragraphs. The font size should be 12 pt.

3.                  Your papers should have the 3 main parts—introduction, body, and the summary.

4.                  Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are essential. Do not use slang words or phrases.  The APA Guidelines or MLA Guidelines can assist you in proper usage (you can find these resources in the library). Make sure you use grammar and spell check to verify your work before submitting it to me.  This is a very good tool to use, and it will be your friend. Since Spell and Grammar check does not always catch all errors, it is advisable to proofread your work or have someone else proofread the paper before submission.

5.                  Any direct quotations require quotation marks with the proper citation.  If you quote someone else’s work and do not cite it properly, it is PLAGARISM!   If you take someone else’s ideas and use them as your own, give them the proper credit (i.e., cite it).

6.                  All written work will require a cover sheet with the following:  Assignment title, your name, the course name, and the date

7.                  All written assignments will be submitted online according to the instructions provided on the syllabus.