The Business Strategy Game


The Business Strategy Game is an integral part of the strategic management course at the senior level. We advocate the use of the simulation game because it encourages students to integrate a series of broad-ranging decisions into a unified strategy, requires them to live with their strategic and operating decisions for better or worse, and puts them into a live situation where conditions change and new events unfold. Running a simulated company for a series of decision periods provides a splendid hands-on learning experience and much-needed practice in making strategic and operating decisions in a competitive market. And it definitely adds an important element of interest and excitement to the course.

The Business Strategy Game encompasses a global marketplace because students need to learn much more about the special strategic and competitive features of international markets and foreign competition. Globalization of the marketplace is a widening reality and treating it adequately has to become a standard part of the strategic management course. While incorporating the simulation will consume at least 1 class period to get things under way, the actual playing of the gameis an out-of-class group exercise done mostly sitting around a personal computer(company team members will need to spend 2-3 hours preparing each decision and anywhere from 3-5 hours preparing a 3-year strategic plan). While The Business Strategy Game is still likely to add net time to the course requirements from a student perspective, the benefit/cost tradeoff in terms of how much is learned—especially from an integrative, capstone perspective—strongly favors making the game an integral and valuable part of the course offering.




The Player’s Manual outlines the simulation requirements. You must read all of the Player’s Manual. In addition to those requirements, your Company decisions will be submitted online to the following web address: each week according to the syllabus (see Business Policy syllabus for details). Under no circumstances will the Company decisions be turned in late. Late online submissions of Company decisions will result in penalties assessed against the team. The Professor will explain the expectations of the Game/Simulation further during class times.