The purpose of this team project is to enhance your learning through the application of operations knowledge acquired in this course.  In order to accomplish this, you are expected to conduct research on a 'live' organization to which your chosen topic applies and present your findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the class.
    An example of a project topic might be to select conduct a capacity study in an organization, and relate the research findings to the organization's strategic planning.  In choosing a topic to research, consider the following criteria:

            1.  topic is relevant to the field of operations management
            2.  topic is interesting and  stimulates audience inquiry
            3.  the research has an applied orientation
            4.  topic is value-added information; i.e., it is not a repetition of information
                presented in class

**see presentation evaluation form for additional criteria

    In presenting your research to the class, limit your formal presentation to 30-40 minutes, allowing for an additional 10-15 minutes for audience reactions and questions.