HIST 2320-02*

Honors US History Since 1865

Spring 2006



Instructor: Dr. Robert F. Pace                          Office: OM 204                   Phone: 793-3865

Office Hours: MWF 1-3; Or by Appointment

e-mail: rpace@mcm.edu


Course Description:

Course Description: A general survey of American history since 1865, concentrating on economic, social, political, and intellectual developments. Problems of historical evidence and research.


Required Reading:

Carnes and Garraty, American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation

Meeting Times:

Week One – Jan. 16-20: Introduction/Reconstruction
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 16
Week Two – Jan. 23-27: The West/Gilded Age
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 17 & 18
Week Three – Jan. 30- Feb. 3: Immigrants and Urban Life
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 19 & 20
Week Four – Feb. 6-10: Farmer Protest and the Progressive Era
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 21 & 22
Week Five – Feb. 13-17: Review and Exam I
Friday (2/17) Exam I
Week Six – Feb. 20-24: The Age of the American Empire
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 23
Week Seven – Feb. 27-Mar. 3: The Great War and Beyond
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 24
Week Eight – Mar. 6-10: Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 25 & 26



Week Nine – Mar. 20-24: New Deal and Coming of World War II
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 27
Week Ten – Mar. 27-31: World War II
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 28
Week Eleven – April 3-7: Review and Exam II
Friday, (4/7) Exam II
Week Twelve – April 10-14: Beginnings of the Cold War
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 29

Friday (4/14): No Class—Good Friday

Week Thirteen – April 17-21: Age of Affluence and Civil Rights
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 30

Monday (4/17): No Class—Easter Break
Week Fourteen – April 24-28: Turbulent Sixties
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 31
Week Fifteen – May 1-5: Watergate, Carter, Reagan, and Beyond
Read Carnes and Garraty Chapter 32 & 33

Week Sixteen – May 8: Review for Final




The assignments in the class are worth the following:
Exam 1: 150 points
Exam 2: 150 points
Final: 200 points
Carnes and Garraty Discussion board participation: 100 points
BGHV Sound Wand Scripts 150 points

“Murder Mystery” Research/Presentations 150 points
Attendance/class discussion participation: 100 points

Total possible points: 1000 points

The following grading scale will be observed for your semester grade.
930-1000= A; 900-929 = A-; 880-899 = B+; 830-879 = B; 800-829 = B-; 780-799 = C+; 730-779 = C; 700-729 = C-; 680-699 = D+; 630-679 = D; 600-629 = D-; <600 = F


Attendance policy:

Attendance in the class is REQUIRED. Because much of the information in this class comes from lectures, absences will place the student significantly behind, therefore, attendance records will be kept. If a student arrives after roll is taken, it is the student's responsibility to make sure his or her presence has been recorded AT THE END OF THAT DAY'S CLASS. Only official University absences are recognized as excused. Unexcused students missing tests can not take a make-up. If a student has more than three (3) unexcused absences, he or she will receive a "0" on the attendance/participation grade. IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP TRACK OF ALL DOCUMENTATION OF EXCUSED ABSENCES AND TO BE ABLE TO PRODUCE THEM FOR THE INSTRUCTOR UPON REQUEST.


BGHV Sound Wand Scripts and Murder Mystery Assignments

More information will be handed out in class on these two assignments.


Note on Academic Honesty:

All work for this class is to be the student's own work. Plagiarism (representing another person’s words or ideas as one’s own) will not be accepted, and cheating will not be tolerated. Evidence of cheating on any assignment will result in failure of the class. Additionally, cheating on exams, through use of crib notes or any other means, will result in failure of the class.


Note on Disabilities:

McMurry University abides by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which stipulates that no otherwise qualified student shall be denied the benefits of an education "solely by reason of a handicap". If you have a documented disability that may impact your performance in this class and for which you may require accommodations, you must be registered with and provide documentation of your disability to the Disability Services Office, located in Old Main, Room 102. Their phone number is 793-4880. Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions related to disabilities.