Field Trips that we take!  

        General philosophy/rationale for field trips.

            Students need to see in the "real world" the things that they learn about in class.       This both reinforces and clarifies their understanding of such features. For the geologic field trips care has been taken not only to correctly explain the geology but also to arrange the stops in an order that makes it easy for students to relate geology at any one stop to the other stops along the route. For example, on the Mineral Wells field trip we visit stops in order of their relative geologic age, i.e.,  oldest to youngest.

        Please note for the geologic field trips it is especially useful to bring along a good highway map but also the appropriate geologic atlas of Texas (which can be obtained from the state Bureau of Economic Geology).


Field Trips with a Environmental Focus

Field Trips with a Geological Focus



Meteorology Field Trips



       Below are some references for field trips that I have collected for those who would like more information:

References for above field trips

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